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The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ
At this point in modern film, it's difficult to find any movie that isn't inspired by another or a reboot of a concept or simply one that pulls inspiration for key scenes, and James Gunn is no different. In The Suicide Squad, we witness Harley Quinn completely kick ass in an all-out hallway brawl that to[...]
10 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
While Superman might not be your first guess for a Suicide Squad showdown, it was actually in the realm of possibilities Well… it was a feasible option in the mind of James Gunn, at least. The film itself ended up utilizing the unexpected larger-than-life villain Starro the Conquerer in the climactic battle, but after previously receiving[...]
the boys
Even with production rolling along on what's sounding more and more like an epic third season of Amazon Prime's The Boys (along with some choice Season 3 easter eggs courtesy of Vought, but more on that in a minute), that doesn't mean showrunner/EP Eric Kripke doesn't have a minute or two to pop his head[...]
Mondo Music Release Of The Week: The Suicide Squad Soundtrack
This week sees the release of the soundtrack to James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Pressed on 180 gram "Starfish" colored vinyl or plain black, you can preorder this one right now Check out the full details below. Mondo The Suicide Squad Credit Mondo Mondo The Suicide Squad Details "We have another big one for you this weekend: the[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
With James Gunn's The Suicide Squad set to hit theaters and HBO Max screens starting this week, the writer-director has been hitting the press junkets and red carpets (real and virtual) to not only promote the already-well-received film but also the numerous other projects he either has in play or is reportedly attached to In[...]
Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6th.
Stay safe, and please get your shots as soon as possible.  The Suicide Squad is a bloody and gory good time, which is to be expected, but thanks to some standout performances from the cast, it also has a lot of heart that makes you care about these people even while we hear about the terrible[...]
the flash
Well, it looks like the fine folks from James Gunn's highly-anticipated film have decided to stick around the Arrowverse a little longer This time around, it's John Cena (Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker, with a spinoff series hitting HBO Max in January) stepping up to once again reveal a key difference between the Legends and "The[...]
How Taika Waititi Went From Akira to The Suicide Squad
The 45-year-old is known for various industry roles as a film/television director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and even comedian – who was at one point in time, working on a live-action adaptation of the influential anime film Akira. Taika WaititiPhoto by Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com Most recently, Waititi appeared in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, credited as Ratcatcher[...]
legends of tomorrow
First, we have James Gunn's already well-received The Suicide Squad hitting theaters and HBO Max this weekend Then we have The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow returning this weekend for the remainder of its sixth season (with production on Season 7 already underway) So it's really a win-win for everyone involved And we appreciate the[...]
what if
Asked on Twitter why he wasn't returning to voice Guardian of the Galaxy member Drax, Bautista's retweet response offered the most sensible explanation (though we're curious about what would come after "let's start with"): "Let's start with I was never asked." One person apparently surprised by that news (and now sounding too thrilled by it)? The[...]
James Gunn Likes "Stupid Watchmen" Description Of The Suicide Squad
Admittedly, director James Gunn is fairly loose on the social media trigger finger when it comes to people talking positively about his new movie The Suicide Squad But nevertheless, I did find it amusing that he chose to "Like" my description of the movie as "Stupid Watchmen" in a non-spoiler The Suicide Squad review I[...]
Joel Kinnaman is Much Happier with Gunn’s The Suicide Squad
Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop, Suicide Squad) once again plays the (barely) leader of the doomed Squad, Rick Flag, in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Promoting the role he embodied in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, Kinnaman reflected on his experiences to Entertainment Weekly doing the two projects. "We had an amazing experience shooting the first film," says the[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
With his The Suicide Squad set to tear up big screens and streaming screens starting this week, James Gunn has been hitting the press circuit to not only discuss the film but also other upcoming projects (like The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special)- but the television topic that caught our eye (no surprise) were[...]
The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ Images
The Suicide Squad, written and directed by James Gunn, has deliberately been designed to benefit from the big screen, especially the final arc With the scream "we've got a Kaiju!" the action really benefits from a sense of scale, especially in contrast with the teeny tiny characters involved. The Suicide Squad Poster Copyright: © 2021 Warner[...]
The Suicide Squad's Composer John Murphy: Fav Character, Track & More
Composer John Murphy's past projects, such as 28 Days Later, Friday After Next, Sunshine, Miami Vice, The Man, and Kick-Ass, are as varied as the characters in his latest project for James Gunn, The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Polka Dot Man, King Shark – these are not particularly noble characters, so Murphy and Gunn were never[...]