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Death Stranding launch trailer
Should they buy the game now or wait until next year, when it's coming to PC? Kojima Productions made the official announcement that it's headed to PC in 2020. Now what do we do? We start theorizing even harder than we were before And we wait until we can finally get our hands on this magnificent-looking[...]
"Death Stranding" is Officially Coming to PC in 2020
This is great news for modders and anyone looking to make an already fantastic-looking game even more resplendent. The official Kojima Productions Twitter account broke the news this morning in a quick tweet The game is breeching on PC in early summer of 2020 There isn't an exact release date just yet. Thanks to all of you[...]
Conan O'Brien Is A Character In "Death Stranding". No, Seriously.
And yes, he's basically being Conan O'Brien if Conan were a digital comic trying to get a laugh out of you. Credit: Kojima Productions The word broke last night as both Conan and Hideo Kojima revealed his role in the game, both with this Twitter post and the highlighted video from Conan's show below After being teased[...]
"Death Stranding" Actor Pleads With Press Not To Spoil The Game
Well, one of the actors from the game has made a plea to everyone to not let that happen. Credit: Kojima Productions Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Die-Hardman in Death Stranding took to his Twitter account to put out this plea to gaming journalists and others who manage to get a copy Politely asking that everyone keep[...]
"Death Stranding" Gets Amazon UK-Exclusive Cover Art
Credit: Kojima Productions We're less than a month away from Death Stranding's release It's hard to believe, but it's almost time to dive headfirst into Hideo Kojima's latest game. Though most of us probably already have the game pre-ordered, there's a new reveal that might make you decide to plunk down some additional cash It looks like[...]
"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show
While we wait for Death Stranding to finally be released by Kojima Productions, we got at least one cool piece of news about it regarding multiplayer Turns out, the PS4 exclusive title will not require you to buy a PlayStation Plus account in order to play the multiplayer content MP1ST found this little tidbit on[...]
"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show
Kojima Productions revealed a little more about Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019 today, including a new video and artwork The first big reveal came before anyone took the stage as Hideo Kojima himself took to Twitter to reveal a brand new poster for the game This thing actually looks pretty amazing with some[...]
Death Stranding
But it looks like Kojima will be cutting out the middle man and making it so all those people have to do is hit the record button. Credit: Kojima Productions In a tweet that went out last week, Kojima revealed that there will be a new mode called "Very Easy Mode" added to the game[...]
The Box Art For "Death Stranding" Revealed At SDCC 2019
The second one is a steelbook that's more than likely going to be a special edition, featuring Sam covered in black goo. credit//Kojima Productions As to the content of Death Stranding, Kojima gave us more questions than answers as he basically said it's not a shooter game, not a stealth game, and not an RPG[...]