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Paco And Tiny
Paco and Tiny, is a middle-grade graphic novel by comics creating team Julio Anta and Jacoby Salcedo, about Paco, a young Cuban immigrant who just moved to the big city, and his overly large dog, Tiny. Frontera's Julio Anta & Jacoby Salcedo's Paco & Tiny MG Graphic Novel Julio Anta is a Cuban and Colombian American author[...]
Stick Together
Jennifer Azantian established Azantian Literary in 2014 and focuses primarily on fiction across genres for MG, YA, and Adult readers She represents bestselling and award-winning writers and says that she is always on the lookout for new talent She is currently open for children's graphic novels (young reader through YA) across genres and is looking[...]
Yehudi Mercado Creates Barkham Asylum MG Graphic Novel For DC Comics
And if a stray cat and The Joker's dog can get along, then maybe there's hope for all of us!" Yehudi Mercado Creates Barkham Asylum MG Graphic Novel For DC Comics Yehudi Mercado Creates Barkham Asylum MG Graphic Novel For DC Comics Yehudi Mercado, who recently wrote and drew the well-received Shazam! Thundercrack DCEU graphic novel for[...]
The Future Of Teenage Boys Reading Comics In America?
And she posted a concern to Twitter that went viral, rather. "It's absolutely wild to me that MG and YA publishing feel like entirely separate entities rather than YA looking at MG and having books its fandoms can slide right into as they age up It's such an absurd disconnect anyone who knows tweens can see[...]
Kate Messner & Falynn Koch Create Camp Monster MG Graphic Novel Series
It's about a Yeti-operated summer camp that opens its doors to all kinds of monsters, leading to a season of unexpected challenges, pranks, and interlopers. Kate Messner tweeted out "This project has been in the works for a couple of years, so I'm excited to finally share the news! I couldn't be more thrilled to be[...]
Martina Markota Launches GoFundMe To Defend Lady Alchemy Case
Lady Alchemy: Mutus Liber was an IndieGoGo-crowdfunded Comicsgate comic book that launched its campaign two-and-a-half years ago, from model and performer Martina Markota. Markota also worked at Rebel News and The Daily Caller, is a proud supporter of Donald Trump, and a repeat attendee on podcasts by Proud Boys founder and fellow Rebel News contributor Gavin[...]