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New State Mobile Launches January Update To Change Up The Meta
has launched a brand new update for New State Mobile, as they have changed the way people will need to approach the game The January 2023 update is basically designed to throw a wrench into the plans of anyone who has mastered the game by adding new challenges and options that will force you to[...]
New State Mobile Receives "Siege Mode In Latest Update
dropped a new update for New State Mobile today, as players can now explore a new "Siege Mode" option Siefe mode is basically a chance for four players to team up and protect an area from a set of drones trying to capture it They;ve also added the Station map to RDM, and added new[...]
New State Mobile Receives Major Update For November
has released a massive new update for New State Mobile for the month of November as we see several changes and additions Following a major maintenance overhaul, the team released this latest update with some cool new additions, as well as the Survivor Pass Vol 13, which you can start playing through to earn exclusive[...]
New State Mobile Launches Dead By Daylight Crossover Event
and Behaviour Interactive have come together for a new Dead By Daylight crossover event in New State Mobile Starting next week, you'll be able to run around the map being chased by some familiar faces to the DBD universe, while also dressing up as your favorite survivors in various outfits Plus some new additions to[...]
Dead By Daylight Comes To PUBG Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
have teamed up to bring the horror of Dead By Daylight to PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Celebrating Halloween in both games with an epic crossover event, the game will provide some creepy aesthetics to both titles, as well as some costumes for you to dress up as with new skins, allowing you to[...]
New State Mobile Launches New Akinta Map Today
has launched a brand new map into New State Mobile as players can fight it out on Akinta today This is a brand new 4×4 map that is based in a futuristic African setting, complete with rough terrain and a few different city locations that will pose a challenge for even the most experienced player[...]
Assassin's Creed Is Coming To PUBG: Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
has revealed a new partnership with Ubisoft to have Assassin's Creed cross into PUBG: Battlegrounds and New State Mobile Two separate events will be kicking off in each game starting in mid-August, in which you will see some of "the tales of the Animus become the realities of the battlegrounds." You'll have a chance to[...]
New State Mobile Adds New Exhibit Hall Map In Latest Patch
has released a brand new patch for New State Mobile as they have dropped a new Exhibit Hall map for Team Deathmatch Timed up to coincide with San Diego Comic-Con, this will put you in a 4v4 battle where you might normally see some kind of convention happening… if anything ever came here after whatever[...]
New State Mobile Launches New Update With Line Friends Collaboration
has released a new update today for New State Mobile, which includes a brand new collaboration with Line Friends If you're not entirely familiar with Line Friends, it is a character brand that was started in South Korea and has grown throughout the world, making its way into the western market bit by bit each[...]
New State Mobile Receives New Update For May 2022
has dropped a general update into New State Mobile for the month of May, bringing in some new additions to go check out New sets of bridges have been thrown into the mix around the map, as well as a new weapon in the M110A1 There's a new leveling system that's been added to Deathmatch,[...]
The NieR Series Makes Its Way Into New State Mobile
have come together for a special New State Mobile event as the NieR series crashed into the game Starting on April 29th and running all the way through May 19, you will be able to jump into the game and "feel the essence" of having several characters from the RPG series added to the game[...]
New State Mobile Announces Major Crossover With Among Us
announced a brand new crossover event with Innersloth as the crew of Among Us will be dropping suspiciously into New State Mobile Starting on April 21st and running all the way through May 19th, you'll be able to become the Impostor through an Among Us-themed mini-game, as well as be able to pick up a[...]
PUBG New State Launches Massive March Update
has launched a new massive update into New State Mobile today, with the big highlight being the McLaren crossover The crux of the update is more focused on other items such as the new Survivor Pass, a revamped Erangel map to run around on, the new MG3 weapon, as well as several new weapon customization[...]
New State Mobile Announces Open Amateur Tournament Series
has announced a new amateur tournament series for New State Mobile with a prize pool of $250k on the line The tournament is called the New State Mobile Mashup and will be kicking off this Thursday, March 10th, and running all the way until April 3rd The tourney is specifically designed to be a competition[...]
New State Mobile Will Host First Esports Event In South Korea
has revealed plans to launch the first esports event for New State Mobile as it will be taking place in South Korea this year The event will be taking place from February 5th-19th as players will vie for a prize pool of $250k The event will be held on a brand new exclusive mode to[...]