NYCC 2019

My Hero Villains Funko Pop Vinyls Get NYCC Exclusives [Review]

My Hero Villains Funko Pop Vinyls Get NYCC Exclusives [Review]

My Hero Academia is easily a modern anime treasure. With a great cast of characters, we are introduced to a world of superheroes that we have never seen before. Not only do the heroes shine but the vast variety of villains really captivates audiences. There are a lot of collectibles out there for the My Hero […]

Castlevania Team Talks Season 3 Favorite Scenes Vampire Mythology &#038 More

"Castlevania" Team Talks Season 3, Favorite Scenes, Vampire Mythology & More

Saturday night of New York Comic Con (NYCC), VIZ Media held its panel for Netflix's Castlevania. The first two seasons are currently available, with a third season of ten episodes on its way. The panel was moderated by Urian Brown of VIZ Media and featured Warren Ellis, creator and writer of the show; Sam Deats, […]

Some Potential DC Comics 5G Gossip From New York Comic Con

Some Potential DC Comics 5G Gossip From New York Comic Con

A Bleeding Cool reader writes with what they saw as possible confirmation to the DC Comics 5G gossip that Bleeding Cool has been running for the past few days. Looking at a relaunch of a number of major DC Comics titles with a new character in the lead, taking on the role. Which would also […]

The Expanse Team Launches Season 4 Premiere Panel at NYCC [SPOILERS]

"The Expanse" Team Launches Season 4 Premiere, Panel at NYCC [SPOILERS]

When it was announced that The Expanse was moving to Amazon Prime, fans were not only thrilled that the show was saved but also pleased to hear that the streaming platform meant that there were fewer language, content and time restrictions. It has definitely been a positive move towards keeping the series closer to the […]

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Shows the Method to the Magic at NYCC

"Harry Potter and The Cursed Child" Shows the Method to the Magic at NYCC

There is something about Harry Potter that never fails to give me goosebumps and bring tears to my eyes. This time was no different. At NYCC, we had the chance to experience the magic behind the scenes of movement in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the cast and crew. Moderating the panel, we […]

Rooster Teeths RWBY Volume 8 &#038 9 Already Greenlit At NYCC

Rooster Teeth's "RWBY" Volume 8 & 9 Already Greenlit, At NYCC

At NYCC we had the chance to sit through the panel of RWBY. On stage we had the cast and creators of the Rooster Teeth web series, RWBY, Kerry Shawcross (writer/director) and the voice actors Miles Luna (Jaune), Linsay Jones (Ruby Rose), Kara Emberle (Weiss), Arryn Zech (Blake), and Barbara Dunkelman (Yang). We got a […]

Publishing A Galaxy Far Far Away: Talking Star Wars Books At NYCC

Publishing A Galaxy Far Far Away: Talking "Star Wars" Books At NYCC

Today at New York Comic-Con, Disney LucasFilm Publishing was on hand with nine of their authors to reveal more of what's on the way book-wise. Bleeding Cool broke the news on of the new announcements earlier today, but the authors had plenty to say about their current projects.  Before talking about their books, each author […]

New Netflix Animated Show Human Resources Debuts At NYCC

New Netflix Animated Show "Human Resources" Debuts At NYCC

The creators of Big Mouth has their next project lined up for Netflix, an animated workplace comedy called Human Resources. The streaming service made the announcement at New York Comic-Con. Human Resources is the brainchild of Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett, and producer Kelly Galuska. Details are scant about the series other […]

We Played Marvels Avengers Again &#038 Learned More At NYCC 2019

We Played "Marvel's Avengers" Again & Learned More At NYCC 2019

Marvel would be added as the main protagonist, we got a second chance to play the upcoming superhero game this year at NYCC 2019 And holy moly, we were told an exponential number of new things.When Marvel's Avengers was first announced, many were quick to assume it would be a cinematic action-adventure title, likening it[...]

Stan Lee Marvel Legends Figure Announced At NYCC

Stan Lee Marvel Legends Figure Announced At NYCC

Stan Lee is one of the greatest men inside the world of comics. His creations and imagination have created one of the biggest industries out there. Even after his death, his legacy will live on inside his fans, inside his creations, and inside the world of comics. Hasbro has announced at NYCC Stan Lee will […]

Star Trek Universe: Join Bleeding Cools NYCC 2019 Live-Blog

"Star Trek" Universe: Join Bleeding Cool's NYCC 2019 Live-Blog!

CBS All Access' "Star Trek Universe" beamed down to this year's New York Comic Con (NYCC) to tease fans on what they can expect from the third season on Star Trek: Discovery, the first season of Star Trek: Picard, and more. So with that in mind – here's a look at what Star Trek executive […]