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Scarlet Witch Explore to Darkhold with Iron Studios WandaVision Statue
The end of WandaVision showcased the Scarlet Witch as she dives deeper into the realm of dark magic with the mysterious Darkhold This devilish book might hold the secrets Wanda needs to bring her children from her conjured reality Iron Studios bring the Darkhold and the dark magic to life with a brand new 1/10[...]
Scarlet Witch and Nova Get New Marvel Statue from Diamond Select
Starting things off first is Scarlet Witch, who comes to life based on her Skottie Young artwork This sorceress is back and is having a kiddie tantrum with this mini 5" tall statue Limited to 3,000 pieces, Wanda Maximoff prepares to cast a powerful spell on your Marvel collection Scarlet Witch is priced at $49.99,[...]
Killing Scarlet Witch Off In Trial Of Magneto? Really? (#2 Spoilers)
In Trial Of Magneto #1, as Bleeding Cool previously theorised, they can bring Scarlet Witch back from the dead using the Krakoan Resurrection Protocols Because, for one reason or another, Cerebro was fooled into thinking she was a mutant and backed up her soul Even if that was a long time ago, X-Men: Trial Of Magneto[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For November 2021
Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, was murdered on Krakoa at the end of The Hellfire Gala, after being invited by her no-longer-father Magneto Bleeding Cool's No.1 suspect, rather than Magneto, is Orchis But Magneto, Mystique, and Speed himself are also all in the frame But The Trial Of Magneto #1 mentioned in passing, as Bleeding[...]
Leah Williams On X-Factor Being Rewritten And Moving To Substack
Williams says she only learned about the cancellation of X-Factor when she was writing #9, so as she had to finish the series quickly, squeezing six issues worth of story into those last two issues, calling it "cramped and rushed". Leah Williams On X-Factor #10 Being Cancelled, Then Rewritten Regarding Trial Of Magneto causing the X-Factor cancellation,[...]
Scarlet Witch Wields the Darkhold With New Hot Toys Cosbaby
Scarlet Witch returns as she explores the deadly dark power of the Darkhold Standing roughly 4" tall, Wanda finally figures out her true power and seeks more to locate what she lost The WandaVision Hot Toys Cosbaby features the Scarlet Witch with her newest MCU costume with the Darkhold in her hand She will have[...]
WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Solder, Loki Stars on Transitioning to TV
For the duration of the series, we're treated to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and she decided escapism turning a town of Westview into her own personal sitcom theme park nightmare where the residents are mind-controlled from the Avenger's own grief after losing her betrothed Vision (Paul Bettany). Image courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+ As the series starts unraveling,[...]
Magneto Killed The Scarlet Witch - Or Was It Mystique?
Marvel Comics is teasing the upcoming Trial Of Magneto, which confirms what Bleeding Cool suspected months ago, that he would be on trial for the murder of his once-thought-daughter Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch She came to Krakoa in SWORD #6 They were seen dancing in Way Of X #3 Her body was found in[...]
At the end of SWORD #6, we saw a reunion of Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff with her once-supposed father Magneto, on the island of Krakoa By the end of X-Factor #10, the Scarlet Witch was dead, murdered, with Magneto and his bloody helmet the prime suspect Quite the cliffhanger, even if life continues on at[...]
Marvel Reveals New Mark Brooks Spoiler Cover For Trial Of Magneto #1
This means it's time for Marvel to reveal the Mark Brooks cover to Trial Of Magneto that confirms that the final pages of X-Factor #10 that end the Hellfire Gala are the real deal. Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch is dead The resurrection protocols only work for mutants, of which she is no longer defined as[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adds X-Factor As It Comes To An End
As the Guardians Of The Galaxy from today also arrive in time… The day before the Hellfire Gala in Planet-Size X-Men… Magneto goes ahead with his plan – but not before welcoming the Guardians to SWORD. The morning of the Hellfire Gala in Planet-Size X-Men, it all begins to take shape. The big powers recruited, though Franklin Richard who[...]
Marvel Confirms: Darkhold Is Ha
Big spoilers ahead, but before that drops, here's a look at how Marvel Comics has been treating Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, of late First an X-Men villain, then an Avenger, then a robot's wife and mother to illusionary kids, then an insane destroyer of reality (two or three times), then an eraser of almost[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
When Marvel announced a Trial Of Magneto series, we thought this might be what he would be tried for, and asked "Will it be for murder – the killing of a human? And could that human – no longer a mutant – be his estranged not-a-daughter-anymore Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff?" The Scarlet Witch, once thought to[...]
Wanda's Vision In The Daily LITG, 24th June 2021
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Giovanni Battle Guide For Pokémon GO Players: June 2021 Full Marvel Comics September 2021 Solicits and Solicitations What's Up With Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch, At Marvel? (Spoilers) X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation Replaces Way Of X in September DC Comics Confirms Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Go Down On Each Other Should You[...]
What's Up With Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, At Marvel? (Spoilers)
Hey Wandavision fans, it's Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch time We already looked at some of the big news breaking in today's SWORD #6 regarding the future of the Marvel Universe, and the effects that Krakoa and Arakko will have on every Marvel Comics title from the street-level to the super-cosmic But that's not the only[...]
Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Offers Blunt Tease on Film
Granted, fans already know that Wanda aka Scarlet Witch (Olsen) will be playing a major role in next year's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness– but what after? Recently, Olsen appeared to throw some serious cold war on the idea of a second season before backing away from such a definitive statement by saying[...]
WandaVision: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige on Why Doctor Strange Cameo Cut
Wanda Maximoff has been in the MCU for quite some time, and her accent remains an evolving feature of the character recently dubbed Scarlet Witch. Having debuted in the Marvel world in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the film introduced the fictional Eastern European country of Sokovia, which is where Wanda and her brother Pietro originated from[...]
WandaVision: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige on Why Doctor Strange Cameo Cut
What they ended up seeing was Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) enjoying solitude in a remote cabin partaking in a warm beverage while her Scarlet Witch counterpart is busy, isolated within her own enclosure fastidiously studying the Darkhold grimoire and mastering its secrets before her sons call her from the distance to transition to the upcoming[...]
WandaVision Did What Falcon and Winter Soldier Couldn’t [OPINION]
I'll break down what felt fresh about both series and what were disappointments. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios How WandaVision Advanced Its Characters As far as a true origins story is concerned as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) was already established for four MCU films, the series created by Jac Schaeffer and her creative team did a commendable job[...]
Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Offers Blunt Tease on Film
Not too far removed from her starring role on the Disney+ limited series WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen offered a little something for fans those looking forward to the next chapter of the Scarlet Witch in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Speaking with Glamour, the actress offered her blunt[...]
Let's Take A Look AT Disney's Toybox WandaVision Figures
The window box on the front shows off the complete Scarlet Witch and Vision figures, and not in static poses either Vision is posed in flight, with Wanda performing spells Very nice if you are a MOC collector, just not exciting The back shows off a Loki figure, but I am not sure if this[...]
Scarlet Witch Joins the X-Men in Iron Studios Newest Statue
Before her retcon, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were the children of the power mutant, Magneto The character has since been shifted around to fit their MCU appearances with less X-Gene mention However, Iron Studios keeps the mutant version of Scarlet Witch alive as they debut their next X-Men diorama statue The X-Men vs Sentinel[...]
Mutants, Don't Die On Otherworld, Or Else
Could 'The Trial' Be Scarlet Witch? This morning, Bleeding Cool looked at some fun PR from Marvel regarding new X-Men titles kicking off before and after the Hellfire Gala, with some entertaining black bars. We suggested that the new unnamed series by Leah Williams and Valerio Schiti in August might be called The Trial. It has been suggested to[...]
New Marvel ToyBox Figures Arrive From Disney With Carnage and More
This time new heroes and villains arise, starting with everyone's favorite Marvel power couple, Scarlet Witch and The Vision Both Avengers features a costume design that seems to fuse both MCU and comic book designs No accessories are included, but they will be a fun couple to pose and have them take on the forces[...]
Scarlet Witch Brings Chaos Magic to Sideshow Collectibles
Sideshow Collectibles is taking Scarlet Witch back to her Marvel Comics roots with their newest statue Standing 29" tall, this chaos witch is taking on Ultron as she crushes one of his drones with her magic The statue is very bright, vivid, and loaded up with remarkable detail that can please many Scarlet Witch fans[...]
The Way Of X Has Some Wanda Vision To Share
Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch has had a… mixed history at Marvel Comics First an X-Men villain, then an Avenger, then a robot's wife and mother to illusionary kids, then an insane destroyer of reality (two or three times), then an eraser of all almost all mutant powers, and now a schoolteacher. Avengers West Coast cover[...]
WandaVision Creators Address Vision, Strange, Darcy Finale Questions
What we know for sure for the time being is that Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch will make her return in the upcoming Sam Raimi film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness So the first question was the fate of the current physical Vision (Paul Bettany) that was originally killed by Thanos in[...]