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Space Jam: A New Legacy Bugs Bunny Arrives at Iron Studios
Bugs Bunny is back and hitting the court once again from the new film Space Jam: A New Legacy This time, Iron Studios is taking their shot at the Looney Tunes with a new series of 1/10 Art Scale statues Coming in at 7.4" tall, this limited edition statue showcases Bugs Bunny in his new[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Bugs Bunny Hit the Court with Beast Kingdom
Coming out of the new movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, the Looney Turns are back and playing basketball once again Standing roughly 6" tall, Bugs Bunny is loaded with animate detail as well as a fabric jersey featuring his new Tune Squad uniform The DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) figure comes with a nice set[...]
Space Jam A New Legacy LeBron James Figure Comes To Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom is capturing the magic of Space Jam: A New Legacy as they reveal their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure Standing roughly 8 inches, LeBron James will feature 20 points of articulation, swappable parts, and a nice set of accessories These will include his new fabric Tune Squad team jersey, basketball, two different head[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Gets Miniaturized With Beast Kingdom
Space Jam: A New Legacy is on everyone's mind as the long-awaited film finally has hit HBO Max and theaters A lot of mixed reviews have come out for the movie, but all in all, it was nice to see the Tune Squad rerun It might not have been the same Tune Squad you remember,[...]
Biff! Bam! Pow! Comics Aren't Just for Adults Anymore!
Called My First Comic, the new line will launch with both a Batman and Space Jam: A New Legacy graphic novel But will kids be interested in this traditionally adult medium? That remains to be seen. "My First Comic is a great way to extend popular DC characters to a new audience that's just learning to[...]
WB's Tony Cervone Remembers Michael Jordan on the Set of Space Jam
25 years ago, the world's greatest legends first collided in the future universe of Space Jam NBA superstar Michael Jordan was recruited by Bugs Bunny and a supporting cast of almost every Looney Tune character ever created to play the basketball game of his life in order to save the beloved cartoons from a hideous[...]
Last Season Of NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Welcomes You To The Space Jam
Ballers can add four special cards to take on the Goon Squad in MyTEAM Season 9 "Out of This World!" Players will be able to pick up special card packs featuring the stars of the upcoming film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, as well as have the ability to add four NBA stars in the movie[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Review: WB Shows Off Their IP and Nothing Else
Space Jam: A New Legacy seems to fundamentally miss what made the first one memorable for an entire generation Instead, it is Warner Bros showing off that they own a bunch of different intellectual properties, most of which feel awkward in a kid's movie. Space Jam: A New Legacy Poster © 2021 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc[...]
Billy West Remembers Space Jam, Futurama, Ren & Stimpy & More!
"I'm not bleeding from any holes, so I must be doing OK."  Legendary voice actor Billy West (Ren & Stimpy, Futurama) assures us that all is well in his world as he settles in to celebrate the 25th anniversary and 4K Ultra HD and Digital re-release of Space Jam Known the world over as the[...]
Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Dropping New Nike Shoes With Xbox
Xbox, Warner Bros., and Nike have all come together today for a special Space Jam: A New Legacy bundle that looks pretty cool The company revealed the bundle, which includes a special controller with a Looney Tunes design to it, along with a pair of LeBron 18 Low shoes that have been designed to match[...]
Candy Crush Saga Has Candified LeBron James For Space Jam Legacy
Space Jam: A New Legacy has a new sponsorship happening as they have candified the Looney Tunes and Lebron James in Candy Crush Saga King Games along with Warner Bros have teamed up for a special event running from July 6th-19th, in which the Space Jam: Tune Squad Takeover will have you collecting basketballs in[...]
Gets A Gameplay Trailer
Xbox Game Studios showed off a brand new trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, giving us a taste of gameplay The company held a contest with thousands of entries coming in, suggesting what the game should be based on their ideas Two winners were picked and their ideas melded together into a[...]
The First Trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy is Here
There has been a lot of fuss about if, and how, Michael Jordan will appear in the Space Jam sequel, Space Jam 2 With Don Cheadle appearing on Access Hollywood and saying, "Michael Jordan is in the movie But not in the way you'd expect it" Which has left everyone speculating if he appears playing[...]
Hasbro Releases Two New Space Jam Legacy Themed Games
Space Jam fans will be rejoicing today as you're getting two new board games from Hasbro, themed around the new movie The company has released a new version of Monopoly with a bit of a basketball twist, as well as a new version of Connect Four where you'll be shooting your balls to connect four[...]
Funko Gets Ready For Space Jam: A New Legacy With New Pops
The Tune Squad is back as the long awaited Space Jam sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy is landing this summer. NBA superstar LeBron James is taking over for Michael Jordan this time around, and almost all your favorite Looney Tunes are back Besides Pepé le Pew, the Tune Squad is ready for some action once again, and Funko is ready for[...]