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'Star Wars Resistance' Trailer, Release Date Revealed by Disney Channel
It's literally a character named Flex." – Jim Rash Rolling out worldwide following a state-side premiere, here's a look of what fans can expect when Star Wars Resistance fights the good fight on Disney Channel this October: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: First Look Trailer – Star Wars Resistance | Disney ( "Can you imagine what[...]
This is from their epic lightsaber duel on Starkiller Base from The Force Awakens Exclusive to this set will be a mister for steam effects, an acrylic light-up background, and a new sculpt of Kylo Ren All of this is in the six-inch scale and will run you $109.99. The other is is an Empire Strikes[...]
Captain Phasma
So, this was the first 10/10 I gave to a single issue of a comic on this site (The Magneto Testament was the actual first). That's because Captain Phasma #1 by Kelly Thompson and Marco Checchetto blew me away from page one. Captain Phasma #1 cover by Paul Renaud A character that was given little expansion in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and, disappointingly, even less[...]
Rey, when we last left her in The Force Awakens, was handing Luke Skywalker his lightsaber back Now on the island of Ahch-To, she will be training with Luke as she begins to fulfill her destiny And, of course, that means we get a kickass Hot Toy to go with it And it comes with[...]
Captain Phasma #3 cover by Paul Renaud
The two make a great artistic team. Captain Phasma continues to be a great series and interlude between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi It's been a great read, and I highly recommend it The finale will hopefully be quite something, too. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Captain Phasma #3 cover by Paul Renaud Captain Phasma, TN-3465, and[...]
JJ Abrams trolls Hasbro Hard Over Rey/Monopoly Fiasco
JJ Abrams has now weighed in on the whole Star Wars The Force Awakens Monopoly game fiasco Remember: all they had to do was not take Eighteen months to put out their "insufficient interest" statement and just put the game out for everyone to buy, like they said they would Then, this sort of thing[...]
Rey Is Apparently Still Not In Monopoly, So Again…#WheresRey?
Remember when The Force Awakens came out, and everyone saw it a bunch of times and liked it and you went to the store afterwards and wanted to buy a Rey figure for your kids and they were nowhere to be found? Sure you do Remember the Twitter rage, #WheresRey? Of course you do While[...]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray… Is It Worth It?
By now, everyone who is going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens has most likely seen it Maybe there are a few exceptions for really busy people… but still, it's been out for months and made a boat load of money Everyone has given their thoughts on it and the last thing we need[...]
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Game To Fill In Continuity From Return Of The Jedi… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Revealed ( Warner Bros have announced LEGO® Star Wars: The Force Awakens! a new game that smashes together Lego and the new chapter in the Star Wars movie franchise together. Well it was only a matter of time[...]
New Poe Dameron Comic Is A Prequel To Star Wars: The Force Awakens
In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron sought out the mysterious traveler Lor San Tekka on the planet Jakku for a key to finding the missing Luke Skywalker. But how did he get there? And what was he doing with BB-8? In April, Charles Soule and Phil Noto will tell you… Star Wars: Poe Dameron has been announced[...]
Tales From The Four Color Closet: By The Force, Let Poe Dameron Be Gay
By Joe Glass Okay, it's not often that I start one of these posts with a spoiler warning, but this one revolves around a certain movie making waves at the box office right now, so I guess I better had. So if you have not yet seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, DO NOT read this article[...]
10 Spoilery Thoughts About Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Spoilers, Obviously.
So it's time to bring in the spoiler warning. After this there will be spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens The more spoilery it is, the further down it will go, but still Please don't repeat anything below elsewhere without similar care. 1. There's Something About Rey Is there anything Rey can't do? From desert Tomb Raider type[...]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Playset For Disney Infinity 3.0 Gets Trailer
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is really beginning to ramp up to uncontrollable marketing levels right now As we get more and more TV Sports, that hype is starting to cross mediums. Did you know Disney 3.0 will be the first game to feature the franchise as it currently is (minus Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle of Jakku[...]
Star Wars-Licensed Tissues To Be In Much Demand On Back Of Shattered Empire #1….
Today sees the launch of Star Wars: Shattered Empire, or to give it it's full name, Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1 by Greg Rucka, Marco Chechetto and Andres Mossa.  And amidst all the post-Return of The Jedi shenanigans regarding blown up Death Stars and retreating Imperial forces cross Endor,[...]
C-3PO Comic To Tell You How He Gets His Red Arm In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens licensed imagery has shown C-3PO with a Red Arm. In December, James Robinson and Tony Harris are going to tell you how he got it. With a Star Wars: C-3PO Special from Marvel Comics, announced on Any chance it might be from helping out with a particularly traumatic Rancor birthing?     [...]
So… Where Did All The Toys R Us Star Wars Figures Go Last Night?
Remember this scene from The Eltingville Club #1 from last year, by Evan Dorkin? Well, from a Toys R Us at midnight last night, with Quick Stop comic book retailer Dennis Barger, family and others, on the hunt for Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys… This is what they encountered. Saying "7-10th in line and there was nothing[...]