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If you turn on any news channel right now, you'll see a report covering some aspect of Trump's pissy-fit that turned into a bunch of domestic-terrorist sore losers armed with their heightened sense of privilege, confederate flags, pro-Nazi garb, and MAGA hats to trash the nation's capital To put it bluntly, a bunch of people[...]
The Boys showrunner/EP Eric Kripke isn't dure Donald Trump supporters get the show (Image: Amazon Prime/screencap)
Just yesterday, series star Jack Quaid confirmed that he was on his way to start filming the third season (entering in mandatory quarantine)- one that kicks off with the Craig Rosenberg-directed season-opener "Payback," and Claudia Doumit's Congresswoman Victoria Neuman and Colby Minifie's Ashley Barrett being promoted to series regulars (and we'll discuss the spinoff in[...]
Comic Folk React To What The Hell Is Still Going On In America, Now
In light of yesterday's version of Reichstag Fire executed by an awful group of fools, I feel compelled to point out that four years ago I used this space to point out that the minute Trump began 'othering' Mexicans he went from a merely terrible person to a public menace We need to draw the[...]
That Time The FBI Visited Bill Sienkiewicz, And He Flashed Them
He posted on Facebook, Four years ago I was awakened at 8 AM by the US Secret Service's versions of Mulder and Scully, & questioned for nearly 90 minutes about a posting I had made on FB offering a free drawing to anyone who would shake Trump's hand the same way he did to any world[...]
Xena star Lucy Lawless has soem words for Kevin Sorbo. (Image: WarnerMedia)
If you're a frequent visitor to these Bleeding Cool parts, then you know we've had some thoughts about what's gone on this week with Trump, his gaggle of tinfoil hat-rockers, and their not surprisingly impotent attempt at a coup by trashing the capital and looking to attack members of congress because they're sore losers Well,[...]
Punisher Skull Spotted Multiple Times On Both Rioters And Police
Yup, that's what they're called. Credit: American-Sheepdog. But look, you can even buy these knockoff Trump Punisher Skull MAGA Hats at Walmart – and America First Punisher Patriot Skull Shirts – until someone at Walmart reads this article, of course. Credit: Walmart With lawyer John M Phillips noting these shirts, featuring the Marvel Studios Civil War logo transformed into[...]
Watchmen series creator Damon Lindelof thinks we're living through Season 2. (Images: CNN screencap/HBO/NBC News screencap/HBO)
But when find ourselves living in the age of Trump, it's not surprising that still always seems to be a reason to revisit it- even a year out Especially after what went down on Wednesday, with The Orange Disaster unleashing a pissy-fit in the form of his simple-minded faithful attempting to trash the nation's capital[...]
Comic Book Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crushes Ted Cruz on Twitter
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, United States Congresswoman and star of the Devil's Due comic book Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force, took aim at  Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter, calling on Cruz to resign in the wake of attempts to raise funds to overturn the election while a pro-Trump mob invaded the Capitol Building, terrifying representatives attempting[...]
The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan knows what should happen to Trump. (Image: AMC)
with Trump and his simple-minded faithful who were allowed to play on their white privilege to trash the nation's capital (and even get a selfie with a "law enforcement officer") and walk away with barely a slap on the wrist, we figured we needed a follow-up- but we weren't sure what it should be And[...]
The Walking Dead isn't mincing words once again. (Image: AMC)
Because you see, the reason why this country couldn't celebrate the election results that shifted control of the Senate from the Trump-suckling Republicans to the now-let's-not-screw-this-up Democrats (with Vice-President Kamala Harris being the deciding vote), as well as the certifying of election results that should've been a go-through-the-motions process confirming Joe Biden and Harris for[...]
Comic Creators React To - Whatever The Hell Is Going On I
#AmericaOrTrump Kevin Maguire: Never forget this… He still has another two weeks to do as much damage as possible. Tom King: "From about an hour back Eerie noise." Credit: Tom King, Twitter screencap, America Tom King: From about a half hour back, east side of the Capitol As the police let people go up the stairs to the House[...]
Marvel's Ike Perlmutter Persuaded Trump To Pardon Christopher Wade
President Donald Trump issued several Presidential pardons before the end of his presidency, several of which have been somewhat controversial These included four American mercenaries from Blackwater, who were jailed for a 2007 massacre in Iraq, which included children Trump also pardoned political allies who had worked on his behalf, such as Roger Stone and Paul[...]
Joe Biden's Titans Coming To Comics in March 2021
 John Barron and Shawn Remulac are relaunching their superhero title Trump's Titans from Keenspot as Biden's Titans in March 2021, reflecting the recent American election result, whether or not everyone accepts it, the comic book series has made it clear, with a Giant-Size X-Men parody cover as well Here are all of Keenspot's solicitations for[...]
The Stand Cast Discuss Randall Flagg: "He's Sort of Sexy Trump"
Or as Fiona Dourif aka Rat Woman explains to EW, "He's sort of sexy Trump." For Katherina McNamara aka Julie Lawray, the rally scenes, in particular, were a tough go "It's a bit terrifying when you're with hundreds of extras chanting insane profanities at Alexander Skarsgard lording over us as Randall Flagg." If that's not[...]