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CHALLENGE: Spot the Pineapple in (Almost) Every Episode of Psych!

Psych: In Honor of Its Holiday, Can You Spot All 170 Pineapples?

Feel like fighting with me on Twitter about it (and losing)? Hit me up at @Edenhasopinions.[caption id="attachment_986741" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Psych: Shawn and Gus in "American Duos" (Photo by: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)[/caption] Are you a fan of delicious flavor? We know the good folks over at Peacock are since they released a video in honor of[...]

The Forever Purge has been delayed by Universal.

Purge 5 Has Been Pulled From July Release Date, Delayed Indefinitely

Earlier this week, USA Network canceled the television series after two seasons Ratings were very low, especially for season 2, and USA decided against producing any more This afternoon word has come down that The Forever Purge, the fifth entry into the series, has been pulled from its July 10th release date Instead of giving[...]

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home | Official Teaser | Streaming Soon on #PeacockTV

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Set for July; Shawn and Gus Look Fur-tastic

Great news, you incredibly patient "PsychOs": Peacock's Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is ready to head to your screens on July 15. Yes, that's right, we now have a date for James Roday's Shawn and Dulé Hill's Gus return. As if that wasn't good enough (we're sure there are waves of fans appreciating the news), […]

The Purge (TV Series) | Ethan Hawke Returns To The Purge | Season 2 Episode 10 | on USA Network

The Purge, Treadstone Canceled As USA Looks to Go Live, Unscripted

With the NBCUniversal network shifting its focus from scripted to more live and unscripted/reality programming, it wasn't much of a surprise to hear that USA Network was purging The Purge and putting a hit out on Treadstone The "Bourne" film franchise spin-off (along with previously-cut drama Dare Me) was canceled after only a single season,[...]

Psych Cast Reunites To Talk Classic Moments | on USA Network

Psych Cast Reunites for Some Serious Social Distancing Reminiscing

If you're a "PsychO" who's been passing the time in home lockdown and self-quarantine as you're patiently waiting for news on the premiere Peacock's Psych 2: Lassie Come Home and the return of James Roday's Shawn Spencer and Dulé Hill's Burton "Gus" Guster, we're guessing you checked out USA Network's "Psych-tacular Binge-A-Thon" that ran last month[...]

30 facts you need to know about Roman Reigns: WWE List This!

Could Roman Reigns End Up Being WWE's New CM Punk?

Roman Reigns may be the WWE's new CM Punk, an idea that at first may sound ridiculous, but I ask you to consider whether it may nonetheless be true. Yesterday, my colleague wrote about WWE's campaign to silence any mention of Roman Reigns on their television shows. The whole thing seems to stem from The Big […]

AJ Styles returns in Last Chance Gauntlet Match: WWE Raw, May 4, 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW Delivered Action, Drama, and AJ Styles

Last night's WWE Monday Night RAW was the final RAW before the Money in the Bank pay per view. This action-packed RAW gave fans a good blend of promos and action, with a few things sticking out. MVP opened with the VIP Lounge featuring the RAW Women's Money in the Bank contestants: Nia Jax, Asuka, […]

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins brawl in wild contract signing on Raw, courtesy of WWE.

WWE MVP's Open Strong Monday Night RAW Effort This Week

This week's Monday Night RAW opened with the MVP VIP lounge, with the guests including Rey Mysterio, Jr., Aleister Black, and Apollo Crews, with MVP boasting about how he knows Crews will go all the way in this year's Money in the Bank match. The lounge is then crashed by Zelina Vega and her associates. […]

Gus and Shawn are an interesting wake-up service, courtesy of NBCUniversal and Peacock.

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home Teaser: Back Home and Getting Chewie

To say that the "PsychOs" have been waiting patiently waiting for Psych 2: Lassie Come Home and the return of James Roday's Shawn Spencer and Dulé Hill's Burton "Gus" Guster would be an understatement. But as NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock inches ever so closer to its July 2020 launch, the latest player in "The Great […]


"Psych": James Roday, Dulé Hill Announce "Psych-tacular Binge-A-Thon"

ET on USA Network.[caption id="attachment_1189177" align="aligncenter" width="600"] NBCUniversal[/caption]Roday and Hill took to Twitter on Friday to announce the news - and since it's happening in less than a week, here's what you need to know to get caught up on all eight seasons (120 episodes):● Seasons 1 and 2 will air nonstop from Wednesday, April[...]

"The Sinner" Season 3 "Part IV": [PREVIEW]

"The Sinner" Season 3 "Part IV": Jamie's A Ticking Time Bomb Ready to Go Off [PREVIEW]

Last week's episode of USA Network's The Sinner was filled with revelations and near-misses - and that could prove costly Harry (Bill Pullman) learned more about Jamie's (Matt Bomer) personality change after meeting Nick (Chris Messina) and their obsession with Nietzsche's "Übermensch" ("superman") theory - and Jamie's turn toward violence.Meanwhile, Jamie's coming unglued at work[...]

"The Sinner" Season 3 "Part II": Ambrose Digs Deeper; Jamie Sets the Mood [PREVIEW]

One of the things that's attracted us the most to USA Network's The Sinner has been the Columbo-like vibe to the season-long storylines as well as Bill Pullman's Detective Harry Ambrose For the third season of the award-winning mystery-thriller anthology, it's Matt Bomer's Jamie who finds himself in Ambrose's investigative sights When a "basic car accident"[...]


"Psych 2: Lassie Come Home" Star Maggie Lawson Confirms Spring 2020 Peacock Premiere

Originally intended to air on USA Network, the film was delayed and shifted to NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock And you could understand why fans have been wringing their hands in anticipation: Carlton "Lassie" Lassiter (Tim Omundson) is attacked and left for dead Of course, the fellas doesn't hesitate to get "the band" back together -[...]

mr. robot

"Mr. Robot" Preps Big "eXit" in Disturbing, Trippy Fashion [SPOILER REVIEW]

We're getting dangerously close to the end - and I mean the end end - of USA Network's star-studded dark darling Mr Robot, but before Sunday's finale, there's still this past week's episode to cover.This was the last regular episode of Mr Robot, because the finale is a two - that's right, TWO - hour[...]