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And after resigning from their committees, "Santos" has even more time to try to make nice with… the rest of the world? And yet, some old habits really do die hard… Image: CBS Screencap Here's a look at Guillén's most recent visit to Colbert's late-night universe (kicking off at around the 3:15 mark), followed by a look[...]
So you can see why this would be the perfect topic for Colbert and Guillén to go "scorched earth" on satirically, right? Image: CBS Screencap Here's a look at the complete segment from Thursday night's show as Guillén portrays a creature far scarier than anything WWDITS could ever dream up in a nightmare, with Colbert's interview with[...]
What We Do in The Shadows: Harvey Guillén on Guillermo's Growth in S4
Here's a look at the clip from Guillén's red-carpet interview with Variety where they tease the choices that Guillermo will face during the fifth season, followed by a look back at their most recent WWDITS-related posts: Harvey Guillén teases "emotional" Season 5 of #WhatWeDointheShadows pic.twitter.com/gRj5JyYctu — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) January 16, 2023 Courtesy of an Instagram post from[...]