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WWE 2K22 Releases The Whole Dam Pack DLC
2K Games has released a brand new DLC pack for WWE 2K22, as you can now get The Whole Dam Pack for PC and console right now Depending on the kind of fan you are, this is probably either the greatest pack for this version of the game or one of the worst DLC's they've[...]
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2K Games has released the latest DLC pack for WWE 2K22 as you're getting a total of six new characters in the Clowning Around Pack The name follows the tradition of DLC packs for this title in that it doesn't quite fit the mold, as only three of the people here could actually qualify as[...]
There's A DLC Hurricane Coming Through WWE 2K22
2K Games announced a new DLC pack is available today for WWE 2K22 as the Stand Back Pack brings in some current names and interesting legends This is probably the weirdest one of the bunch so far, as these are four characters who don't really share much in common, if at all You're getting four new[...]
WWE 2K22 Receives New Superstars In The Banzai Pack DLC
2K Games released a new DLC pack for WWE 2K22 today as players can get a number of superstars in the Banzai Pack The pack will be giving you five WWE superstars, including Hall Of Famers Yokozuna and Rikishi, the late Umaga (The Samoan Bulldozer), and two current Superstars with Raw's Omos, and NXT's Kacy[...]
WWE 2K22 Reveals New Superstars & Celebs Coming To The Game
2K Games has released a list of DLC packs coming to WWE 2K22 which include legends, current superstars, and celebrities The team revealed several packs that will be released in the coming weeks, starting in late-April These packs have a combination of additions, most of them legends who have retired or passed away, but there[...]
WWE 2K22 Reveals Finer Details To MyFaction Mode
2K Games has released more info on the new MyFaction mode being added to WWE 2K22 as you look to dominate the roster This is basically your chance to build your own version of DX, the nWo, Evolution, the Four Horsemen, etc You create a set of people to run through everybody and become the[...]
WWE 2K22 Releases New MyRise Showcase Trailer
2K Games has released a new showcase trailer for WWE 2K22 going over the brand new MyRise addition to the game In this particular trailer, as well as the new Ringside Report video (which we have both below for you to check out), we get to see Rey Mysterio take on opponents from his past[...]
WWE 2K22 Partners With Machine Gun Kelly For Soundtrack
WWE 2K22 is releasing shortly, and today it was announced that Machine Gun Kelly will provide music for the game, as well as help curate other music for the game as well On top of that, he will also be a playable character in the game in a post-launch content pack later down the road[...]
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2K Games has a new Ringside Report video for WWE 2K22 as they go over the finer points of the newly added MyGM mode This is where you get to be the authority figure pulling the strings both in front of and behind the camera, as you dictate what happens on either Raw or Smackdown[...]
G4 Will Hold A Special WWE 2K22 Ratings Reveal Show
G4 will be holding a special event on Tuesday as they will be going over the WWE 2K22 characters ratings with a 90-minute broadcast The show will basically do as most sports-related titles do, and that's rank every single wrestler in the game with a player rating so you know where they stand in the[...]
WWE 2K22 Shows Off Deep Dive Of Gameplay In Latest Video
2K Games has revealed a brand new video for WWE 2K22 today as the team takes a greater look at the gameplay in this special video This video, quite honestly, is probably the best thing the team could have released right out the gate after the initial hype A lot of the complaints that stemmed[...]
WWE 2K22 Releases Brand New "Booyaka" Gameplay Trailer
2K Games has released a new trailer for WWE 2K22 ahead of the Royal Rumble, as we get the oddly named "Booyaka" gameplay trailer Set to the tone of the song "Believer" by Imagine Dragons (this one is a remake by Sybrid featuring PLEXXAGLASS), we get to see an assortment of the roster in the[...]
WWE 2K22 Reveals Rey Mysterio As Cover Performer
2K Games revealed the cover art for the next installment of WWE 2K22, as Rey Mysterio will be the performer donning the latest box art The reveal shows the veteran superstar adorn in various colors trailing off his gear as he jumps into action Mysterio will serve as the performer who will be on both[...]
WWE 2K22: We Finally Got A Big Look At The Upcoming Game From 2K
While WWE's tenure with 2K has seen its ups and downs, (hitting rock bottom in 2019 with WWE 2K20, a game so poorly made and glitchy that they didn't even bother releasing a WWE game the following year) fans and the developer themself have felt a bit optimistic that 2K will learn from their mistakes[...]
WWE 2K22 Reveals All New Content Coming To The Game
2K Games revealed a ton of information about new features that will be coming to WWE 2K22 when it launches next year Working to make this the most realistic game ever from the franchise while also doing their best to repair the damage done from the last entry, the devs showed off a ton of[...]
2K Games Confirms WWE 2K22 Delayed Until March 2022
Last night during their SummerSlam PPV event from Las Vegas, WWE and 2K Games confirmed WWE 2K22 has been delayed until next year After having issues with the last game to be released under the franchise, the two took a year off from producing another entry to essentially get everything in order Which we can't[...]
Will WWE 2K22 Be Better Than An Unplayable Piece Of Garbage?
 The game was so bad that 2K and WWE canceled the planned WWE 2K21 and instead decided to take some time and work out the kinks for WWE 2K22  So, did it work? A preview of WWE 2K22 that aired during Wrestlemania in April, courtesy of 2K Games. Forbes writer Brian Mazique held a live stream on Youtube[...]
2K Games Announces WWE 2K22 During Wrestlemania 37
2K Games and WWE had a bit of a surprise during WrestleMania 37 this evening as they revealed that WWE 2K22 is on the way this year Technically it wasn't a huge shock as they kind of blew the surprise two days in advance on Twitter by letting people know they should tune in The[...]