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Will WWE 2K22 Be Better Than An Unplayable Piece Of Garbage?

2K hasn't really had a consistent showing with their WWE videogames since debuting with WWE 2K14 in 2013.  There have definitely been solid offerings and some fun storyline features, but they haven't really made a series that fans deem necessary to buy a new version of every year.  And then came WWE 2K20, which was an unmitigated disaster.  The game featured horrible physics, character models that didn't appear to be of this decade, and the glitches… oh my, the glitches.  The game was so bad that 2K and WWE canceled the planned WWE 2K21 and instead decided to take some time and work out the kinks for WWE 2K22.  So, did it work?

A preview of WWE 2K22 that aired during Wrestlemania in April, courtesy of 2K Games.
A preview of WWE 2K22 that aired during Wrestlemania in April, courtesy of 2K Games.

Forbes writer Brian Mazique held a live stream on Youtube this week and when the development of WWE 2K22 came up, Mazique actually had positive news to share.

"I have actually spoken with people who have good knowledge of the game and understand what's happening from a developmental standpoint, and what I'm told about gameplay at this point is that it is fantastic.

That is actually the word that was used for the latest build. The people who were playing the latest build have said the gameplay is fantastic.

Anybody who is talking about gameplay at this point is probably somewhat close to 2K, so you've got to take it with a grain of salt, but I have been told that the game is playing fantastic and that the gameplay engine is completely rebuilt.

I also heard that the controls are much cleaner than they have been before. Now, what cleaner means, I don't know, but the last thing that I heard about this […] is that this feels like a wrestling fan's wrestling game."

So apparently people inside 2K that are working on the game are very happy with the results thus far, but let's take a step back here for a second.  As Mazique himself said, these are inside people and they're not going to talk trash about their own product.  I mean, how are you going to sell something that everyone says is just a piece of crap?  Oh, wait… WWE.  Nevermind.

While we haven't seen much yet from WWE 2K22, we were presented with a teaser trailer during this past April's Wrestlemania, and while it featured very snazzy looks at Rey Mysterio's physique, it didn't show us much in terms of gameplay.

Here's hoping they're actually on to something here though, as I'm sure fans would want nothing more than a great new wrestling game to spend hours with.  As great as No Mercy is, I think we'd all like to talk about a new game that isn't over 20 years old as the best videogame wrestling showcase for once.

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