Krampus Is Here To Punish The Naughty With New Mythic Legions Figure

Krampus merch has really taken off these last few years, though there hadn't been a REALLY good figure made yet. Say no more, said Mythic Legions this year, as a couple of weeks ago they out up for preorder a new figure of the menacing Christmas demon. It instantly sold out, so right off the bat, I will say that if you want to pick this guy up, you will have to head to the aftermarket. That is nothing new for fans of Mythic Legions, though, as their figures routinely command big bucks on the secondary market. Would Krampus be worth it? Let's discuss.

Krampus Is Great…But Man…That Tail…

This is my first Mythic Legions figure; I could not resist Krampus. Out of the box, I am blown away by the packaging. I really didn't even want to open it. He comes with a cool outer shell that inside doubles as a very sturdy background diorama scene to pose him in front of. The actual figure box is a nice, giant window box package that shows off the demon inside perfectly. Be careful not to ruin it if you get one and decide to open it.

Once out of the box, Krampus features an impressive sculpt. I was blown away by how much this figure reminds me of a MOTU Classics figure. Same company and all that, I know, put your pitchforks down. But still, this guy could have released in that line. It just goes to show that Four Horsemen knows how to make great action figures. His articulation is great; I really like how easy he is to stand and pose. He looks so damn menacing, with his horns and long tongue. He holds his iron bells and reeds well, and his included basket that you have to tie with twine to his body is great for storing all the skulls and such. Yep, all that is great. But one thing ruined this figure for me and zapped all the enjoyment I was getting out of playing around with him: the tail. It comes loose, and you have to attach it. It is impossible to do without boiling the ball joint on the end; let me start there. You will not be able to attach it without heating it up. It also wants to break off the second you apply any pressure whatsoever.

It took me an hour and many cuts to my figures to get the thing to go in, with every attempt ultimately failing and the tail falling off as soon as you attempt to move it around. It could not have made me madder. I got it to stick finally, but now I don't want to ever move it for fear it will fall off again, or the ball will break off and ruin the figure. Memo to these toy companies, since they are not the first to do this: I will pay a few extra bucks for bigger packaging so that the tail comes attached.

Krampus Is Here To Punish The Naughty With New Mythic Legions Figure
Mythic Legions

The tail really soured me on this. For $50, this should not be an issue, and it irks me that it is. It ruins what is otherwise a standout figure, and up until the tail stuff, Krampus impressed me. Buyer beware, though: be very, very careful with this thing.

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