Marvel Legends Collectors Need the New Klaue and Killmonger Black Panther Figures

Black Panther had some of the best Marvel Legends figures in last years wave from the film, and now a second wave is hitting stores in force. Featuring some of the figures left out of the first wave, it also features two of the best Marvel Legends figures that you can hope to add to your shelf. Ulysses Klaue and the newest version of Erik Killmonger are everything we could hope for as collectors, and live up to the hype they have been getting since first shown off at SDCC last summer. Let's take a look at them.

Legends collectors are of course familiar with this packaging at this point, and its not going away any time soon. Featuring the usual giant front window box showing off the figure and accessories and wonderful key art by Jerry Wilson, this is great for MOC collectors as always. The bottom of the back cardback shows the full wave and the build a figure M'Baku.

This new Erik Killmonger Marvel Legends figure is quite frankly, perfect. He has great articulation, his mask fits perfectly, the paint aps on all of his tactical gear are sharp, and the head sculpt is spot-on to Michael B. Jordan. I am especially impressed with the mask. It has no back on it, yet it fits better than some with backs do. Throw is a small arsenal and this is a must-buy. If you see it, buy it asap.

The same can be said for the Klaue figure. This one features a stunningly accurate face portrait of Andy Serkis. Rightly, he comes with a pistol and interchangeable left arms. One regular and one with his arm cannon weapon. That one is a sight to behold, they did an excellent job sculpting it. And that smirk on his face! Its like they just took it right off the screen. Throw in the perfect choice for a buck on the body, and you have another perfect figure.

These two Marvel Legends need to be owned. That is all there is to say. You can find them in stores now, or you can order them right here.


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