Marvel Gear and Goods Loot Crate Review: Stylish, Practical Items for Any Marvel Fan

Marvel Gear and Goods Loot Crate Review: Stylish, Practical Items for Any Marvel FanThis month's Marvel Gear and Goods Loot Crate has arrived, bringing with it a load of sporty X-Men swag! Starting small, my box contained a New Mutants Demon Bear Saga enamel pin, displaying Bill Sienkiewicz's art, and a code for an X-Men Digital Comic via Comixology. The rest of the gear is baseball-themed, including a Magneto baseball cap with Gabriel Hernandez Walta's Magneto #3 art under the brim; Blue Mystique sports socks with the X-Men's X on one side and the skull from her skull-belt on the other; an Uncanny X-Men #63 baseball tee in a dark midnight blue and yellow; and a BPA-free water bottle with an image of Kitty Pryde phasing through it to keep your water stylishly cool.

The clothing is stylish, quality, and very comfy, with bold colors and crisp patterns. I put the baseball tee on my dog as a joke, and he happily wore it around the house for hours with no discomfort or irritation. I imagine it'll look fine on my boyfriend too — if I can get the dog to let me take it off.

The socks are SUPER comfy and just under knee-high on me, which is how I like 'em. The Magneto hat will keep the sun out of my eyes, and the Kitty Pryde water bottle'll keep my liquid of choice cool and contained while I'm out and about. Everything in this crate was delightfully designed to make me forget the winter with its isolating, stormy coldness and get me ready to get out and enjoy the coming season.

I would recommend this to my comics-loving pals who enjoy both Marvel comics or movies and high-quality and exclusive gear, all sent to your home in a bi-monthly box. It certainly perked up my day and will add some peppy summer flair to my wardrobe.

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