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NECA's Panther Alien Is A Strong Start To 2022 For The Line

NECA's Alien line continues to chug along here at the beginning of 2022 with a couple of new Xenomorph releases, the Night Cougar and the Panther. Both are based on figures from the 90's Kenner line and from the more expanded Alien universe, and that is where NECA continues to shine in this and their Predator line. Anyone can put out the figures of the versions we know from the films, but it is the special ones that keep us collectors and fans invested long after that. They were kind enough to send us over the Panther Xenomorph to take a look at, so let's do just that.

NECA Has A Hit On Their Hands Here

I love how true to the old Kenner package they stayed here. Right down to the "bubble" on the front and the cross-sell on the back for other figures. Is there better packaging on the market right now in the figure game than a NECA Ultimate? It is really tough to beat. As always, I hate opening these, but I like to play with my toys.

This is a nasty figure when you free him from his plastic prison. Most striking is the red dome he sports, and I love how the red almost looks like it bleeds down his cranium and almost into his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, I will get my only complaint out of the way here; the grey on the extended tongue does not work for me. It makes it blend too much with the rest of the mouth, and it becomes less defined. Other than that, it is hard to find faults with this one. NECA has done a great job making their Xenomorph's tails malleable and fun to play around with, and this is one of the best because of the posing you can do in the crouched position. What a fantastic job they did mimicking the look and movements of the actual cat. How cool is it that you can make the figure look like he is pouncing around on its fingertips, waiting to take down its prey. Vicious stuff, and I also appreciate that the Xenomorph can stand on his hind legs.

NECA's Panther Alien Is A Strong Start To 2022 For The Line
Credit Jeremy Konrad

This is one of the best Xenomorphs in a while and a great start for 2022. NECA crushed this, and you better make sure to snag it while you can; I have a feeling that this one is going to go for big bucks later. You can get a preorder in still right here, and it has been popping up in stores here and there as well.

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