Power Rangers Lightning Collection/Retro Figure Reveals From Pulsecon

Power Rangers fans were spoiled this afternoon with a ton of new news from Hasbro's Pulsecon. A ton of new figures and lines were shown off, including two new spin-offs to the popular Lightning Collection, and like most Hasbro brands, a new Retro line that will be coming to Walmart. There were also teases and hints as to what is to come soon. But basically, if you are a Power Rangers fan, it is finally safe to say that the brand and future of the figure line is in great hands. Check out all the reveals below.

Power Rangers Finally Has A Direction

Coming this fall to Walmarts, Hasbro revealed the new Retro line, which they seem to be doing with all of their brands right now. Four figures to start in this first wave, modeled after the first changing figures from the '90s: Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Black Ranger. They did some tweaking to the sculpts, but these should bring back some great memories for Power Rangers fans. These will go up for preorder today at 5 PM EST on Walmart's site.

A new spin-off of the Lightning Collection featuring Monsters is on the way, starting with two classic MMPR villains, Pumpkin Rapper and King Sphinx. Both will come with a ton of articulation and stand a little taller than the previous figure. Pumpkin Rapper comes with a ton of awesome swappable parts as well.

The other Lightning Collection reveal was a new Vs. line. The first two packs will be the S.P.D. B-Squad Vs. A-Squad Blue Ranger, and the In Space Red Ranger Vs. Astronema. Both packs come loaded to the gills with accessories any Power Rangers fan would drool over.

Metallic figures are coming exclusively to Hasbro Pulse, starting off with the Pink Ranger, which will also include a Kat head with updated sculpting details after the complaints about the face portraits on some figures–features a shiny box as well.

Finally, the next wave of figures coming to retail was officially revealed, with the Dino Thunder Red Ranger (with the staff!), and single pack releases of the Green Ranger and Z- Putty on the way.

All of these Power Rangers figures go on preorder at 5 PM EST on Hasbro Pulse.

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