Simpsons Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7

Simpsons Ultimates wave three s now up for order from Super7, and this wave has some heavy hitters in it. My favorite is Ralph Wiggum, and seeing him in the Ultimates figures is wild. Mr. Burns, Kang, and Kodos finish out the wave with him, with each loaded to the gills with character's specific accessories and interchangeable parts. They will come housed in the iconic Ultimates packaging and will cost you $55 a figure for Burns and Ralph, with Kang and Kodos at $75 a figure since they are more deluxe in size. Check them out below.

Simpsons Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
Credit Super7

The Simpsons Figures We Need, But How Far Will It Go

"The newest wave of The Simpsons ULTIMATES! is here to help you continue to build your own collection of Springfield's most interesting characters! Mr. Burns, Ralph Wiggum, Kang, and Kodos are made-to-order, highly articulated, deluxe 7" scale action figures featuring a variety of interchangeable parts and iconic accessories inspired by your favorite episodes of The Simpsons. This made-to-order release is available for preorder until July 29, with expected delivery Summer 2023."

Here is the problem I have with this line, which looks amazing. I am having a hard time seeing the direction for these Simpsons figures. Super7 is my favorite toy company, has been for years, and one reason for that is there is always a roadmap for their lines, especially Ultimates. They know we want to get the obvious figures in a line, as well as some out there figures we never thought we would get. That being said, when Simpsons was revealed, I, like others, thought we would get all of the family one per wave to complete it, along with variants and regular Springfield folk. That has not been the case. I am just getting worried that we may not get all the figures we want in this line and end up having an incomplete shelf. I don't know; I do love these. I just want to know if this will be more of a one-off type line. We shall see, I guess. You can preorder the new Simpsons figures here.

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