Transformers BotBots Wave 2 is the Perfect Easter Basket Stuffer

We had a ton of fun with wave 1 of the Transformers BotBots line, and with 100+ figures hitting stores by this fall, we knew there would be plenty more on the way. Wave 2 is now arriving in stores, featuring tons of new designs, new transformations, and some spins on certain wave 1 characters. Hasbro was kind enough to send us over a bunch to show you, so let's take a look at this perfect basket-stuffer for Easter in a couple days.

This wave of BotBots features 60 new characters and three new tribes: The Swag Stylers that are all about the latest trends in fashion and accessories, The Music Mob who are a band of musician Bots, and The Spoiled Rottens, who are exactly what they sound like. Many of these new Transformers BotBots Tribes are where you will see some of the newer sculpts at work as well.

Other Tribes carry over from wave 1, including Jock Squad, Greaser Gang, Shed Heads, Sugar Shocks, Techie Team, and yes, even the Toilet Troop. Man, what would have happened to BotBots if that Energon hadn't hit a mall, but a comic store or something?

Of what Hasbro provided, we were able to piece together just short of a complete set. We are only three BotBots short, with many doubles. Same as before, these come in single blind box packs, and Tribe sets featuring an assortment of characters and one blind box. There are 10 rare characters to collect as well.

These are so much fun. Unlike wave 1, these had no characters that had hard transformations, if anything they even improved on a few of them. Of the new tribes I love and adore the Music Mob, Pink Key Pop is going everywhere with me from now on. I also really like Javasaurus Rex, Rock Swagger, and Bogus Pocus. Man, they must have had a good day at work when they named all these.

I can't recommend these enough. Easter baskets, or just to start collecting, BotBots hopefully see continuing success so we can keep getting more and more waves. You can find them in stores now with the other Transformers toys, or order some online here.

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