Wonder Woman's Green Lantern Look – Daily LITG, 26th November 2020

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Daily LITG: From Wonder Wonder to X-Men – The ten most-read stories yesterday…

A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? Wonder Woman's Future State
Wonder Woman's Green Lantern Look – The Daily LITG, 26th November 2020

What you were reading yesterday, the numbers don't lie.

  1. A Green Lantern Ring Around Her Neck? Wonder Woman's Future State
  2. Five Nights At Freddy's Creator Gives Film Update
  3. Azelf, Mesprit, & Uxie Return To Pokémon GO Tomorrow
  4. The X-Men No More? X-Men, Excalibur, X Of Swords Destruction Spoilers
  5. Details For New X-Men Reign of X Status Branding From December
  6. Who's Who In DC Comics' Future State? And When?
  7. Will We Get A Captain Britain Spin-Off From X Of Swords? (Spoilers)
  8. Si Spurrier Joins The X-Men Comics For Reign Of X
  9. Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN! Unveils 57th Anniv Opening Titles/Credits
  10. Azelf, Mesprit, & Uxie Raid Hour Is Tonight In Pokémon GO

ICYMI: more you may prefer from yesterday.

In case, I don't know, you fancied reading about comic books.

  1. Both Marvel and DC Comics Now Have Anti Mask Protests
  2. Penguin Random House Buys Simon & Schuster For Over $2 Billion
  3. Doop And Gwenpool In The Final X Of Swords Battle? Spoilers
  4. Black Friday Sales From 35 Comic Book Stores From Tomorrow
  5. Marry Me Comics Get Tie-In Hardcovers Ahead Of Jennifer Lopez Movie

LITG One year ago, it was Donny Vs The Pirates

And some of the DC omnibuses actually came out.

  1. Donny Cates: "Don't Pirate My @#$%ing Books, Dude"
  2. Thirteen New DC Comics Omnibus and Absolutes For 2020
  3. 21 DC Comics Big Books For 2020
  4. Diamond Accidentally Leaks Marvel Ordering Data to 200 Comic Stores
  5. More on How Marvel Will Collect X-Men and Dawn Of X Comics Through 2020
  6. How Many Retailers Won't Order Thor #1, Star Wars #1, Marauders #5 and X-Men #6?
  7. A Brand New DC Comics Paint-Based Superhero – Ashley Rayburn, Primer, Created by Jennifer Muro, Thomas Krajewski and Gretel Lusky
  8. Marvel Omnibus and King-Size, for Dan Slott's She-Hulk, Ditko Is Strange, Adventures Into Fear and Ben Reilly
  9. "Hellboy", "Dark Phoenix" "Doctor Sleep": Five of the Biggest Box Office Franchise of Disappointments of 2019
  10. Marvel Big Books For 2020 – as Hellstrom (or Helstrom or Hellstorm) Scheduling Kicks In

LITG Two years ago, showed up what $4000 of comics looked like

And we knew who killed Wally West.

  1. This is What $4000 Worth of Comics Waiting for 9 Customers to Pick Them Up Looks Like
  2. Kanye West Tweets Grand Theft Auto V Concept Car Mod
  3. The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 8 'Evolution' [SPOILERS]
  4. Who Killed Wally West in Heroes In Crisis? And How? (Spoilers)
  5. 'Vikings' Season 5b Featurette Teases Torvi and Ubbe's Future

Happening today:

Because things are still going on, somewhere, sometime.

Daily LITG: Comic book industry birthdays

There may not be much of a party atmosphere right now. All depends on which state you are living in. But comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Artist on Alpha Flight, Legion of Super-Heroes, Captain Atom, Green Lantern and Batman: Year Three, Pat Broderick
  • Scott Beatty, creator of the DC Ultimate Guides and prolific comic book writer.
  • Uber artist Caanan White.
  • Jd Calderon, creator of comics Tall Tails and The Oswald Chronicles.
  • Belgian comic book creator Kristof Spaey.
  • Dan Green, comic book inker on Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, Hulk and Justice League of America.
  • Comics colourist Barbara Marker.
  • Doug Rice, inker on Dynamo Joe, Manhunter, Disney Adventures and Plastic Man.
  • Owner of Arcana Studio, Sean O'Reilly.

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