Black Panther Gets A Wave Of Magnificent Marvel Legends Figures

Black Panther figures were finally shown off this morning at MCM London Comic Con. The wave of Marvel Legends from Hasbro is in support of the upcoming film. Here we have the standard wave of six figures, and a build a figure acting as the seventh and rewarding those who collect whole waves, which would be most of us. Let's dig in, shall we?

Black Panther Marvel Legends

Right off the bat: three movie figures, three comic figures. I was quite curious which figures they would stick in here to round out a wave in support of Black Panther. It's a little weird that they went with Invincible Iron Man. Even weirder that they went with Tony Stark and not Riri. That being said, the figure itself is not a bad sculpt. I am just sick of Iron Man figs at this point. Other than that, every other figure in the wave is great.

Black Bolt and Namor are on point. I especially like that Black Bolt. They really nailed him, and he badly needed an update. Namor is looking pretty buff here! This is mostly a redeco of the Walgreens exclusive modern one last year. All in all, not bad choices.

The movie figures are the main event here. Black Panther looks like an improved sculpt over the already great Civil War film one. Nakia is my favorite in the entire wave. Such a unique look, and they really did justice to the amazing costume work we have seen in the trailers so far. Killmonger made me do a double-take; I love the wear and weathering on his suit.

All three are great choices from the film. Wish we would have gotten a Klaw over Iron Man, but what are you gonna do? Okoye is the build-a-figure here, which sucks. Just like Mantis from the Guardians wave this year, another undersized character that could have just been in the wave.

Overall, these are all pretty great. I will be getting them all anyway. Character choices aside, all the figures look fantastic. They will be in stores this winter.

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