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Ironheart 2020 #2 Review: Sound Familiar?

2020 Ironheart #2 Review: Does This All Sound Familiar?

Teenaged genius Riri Williams has had to hang up her armor due to the Super Human Registration Act, er, that is the Mutant Registration Act, sorry, Kamala’s Law, which says teenagers are not legally allowed to engage in super-heroics Unfortunately, as part of the Arno Stark-minded crossover happening now, her trusty artificial intelligence, named after[...]

Kevin Libranda's Designs for Riri Williams: Ironheart

Ewing to write the new Riri Williams: Ironheart series But she has high praise for her artist on the series too Here's Kevin Libranda's designs for the character.As well as covers from Amy Reeder...Humberto Ramos...Stephanie Hans...Luciano Vecchio......and Jen Bartel.A lot has been said about Marvel's decision to hire Eve L[...]

Champions #23 Review: Burning at the Touch of the Man-Thing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Viv Vision has been taken out by the Man-Thing. Snowguard fights to protect Viv, and the rest of the Champions follow soon behind. They manage to pacify the beast, but Viv is still comatose. Wasp can't wake her up without risking damage. The Man-Thing is kept in containment as he feeds off the […]

Champions #22 cover by R.B. Silva and Nolan Woodard

Champions #22 Review: New Heroes and Identities, Same Lovable Team

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Champions have reunited after their adventures in outer space (as seen in Infinity Countdown: Champions). Amadeus Cho is slightly powered down and now going by the name Brawn. Ironheart has a new costume based upon Chitauri technology. Nova Sam Alexander has lost his Nova gear and, as a result, his powers. New […]

The Invincible Iron Man #599 cover by Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, and Marte Gracia

The Invincible Iron Man #599 Review: Dramatic Reveals are for Everyone!

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Victor Von Doom crashes with an old associate, and Tony Stark finally surfaces to let his mom know that he is alright and what is going on with him. He asks more about his biological father, and she gives him more of the story. Then Iron Man leaves to more personal business. Elsewhere, […]

The Invincible Iron Man #598 cover by Alex Maleev

The Invincible Iron Man #598 Review: The Sweet Peanut-Buttery Taste of Bendis

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Avengers are scouring the world for Tony Stark while Riri Williams deals with a bizarre visitor in the form of Blade, the Vampire Hunter He tells Riri of an organization at MIT that could use her help, and the group may be able to locate Tony Stark.Elsewhere, Victor von Doom, the Infamous Iron[...]

Invincible Iron Man #596 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Dean White

Invincible Iron Man #596 Review: A Solid Story With an (Iron)Heart

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Ironheart is having all of her Stark Tech seized by people claiming to represent Stark Industries' interests. To everyone's surprise, she gives it up willingly. Elsewhere, the Infamous Iron Man, aka Victor von Doom, continues to fight off the attacks from the Hood. Tony Stark has an awkward conversation with a hallucination of […]

Invincible Iron Man #594 Review: Does Little For The Arc, But A Fun Read

Meanwhile, Riri Williams has many a great line.This has also been my first extended read of a comic with Riri Williams, and, I gotta say, I like here quite a bit She’s charming, resourceful, and charismatic as hell I dig Ironheart I will admit that I've never been the biggest fan of Iron Man Tony[...]

black panther marvel legends

Black Panther Gets A Wave Of Magnificent Marvel Legends Figures

Black Panther figures were finally shown off this morning at MCM London Comic Con. The wave of Marvel Legends from Hasbro is in support of the upcoming film. Here we have the standard wave of six figures, and a build a figure acting as the seventh and rewarding those who collect whole waves, which would […]

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy #1 Review: A Lackluster Tease For Upcoming Titles

They are met by Sam Wilson (Captain America), Jane Foster (Thor), and Riri Williams (Ironheart).Beyond these three plot threads, there is a random smattering of smaller vignettes mixed in Steve Rogers, AKA also Captain America, is brooding in a diner while a news network talks about the events of Secret Empire Norman Osborn attempts a[...]

Diamond Select Brings MARVELOUS Ironheart And Phoenix Statues To SDCC

Riri Williams is getting her own statue, and I will go ahead and say it: this should not be an exclusive I have no doubt that there will probably be a regular release as well, more than likely with a helmet on But this is a character that readers and fans have been clamoring for,[...]

Improbable Previews: Riri Takes On The Rhino In Invincible Iron Man #3

We can't guarantee 100% accuracy- in fact, our accuracy may be much lower than that - but we can guarantee that it's better than looking at a bunch of unfinished pages.In this issue of Improbable Previews, we see Riri Williams, the Ri-nvincible Ri-ron Man (we're making that happen), as she converses with Ghost Tony Stark about[...]

Comics Featured As High Culture In New York Times Article On Afrofuturism

Marvel's black sci-fi heroes, particularly Black Panther and the recently created Riri Williams, also received a mention.Head over to the New York Times and read Afrofuturism: The Next Generation Let's face it, if you've been reading Bleeding Cool all day, you could use a little more culture to balance yourself out.The new issue of Fielder's Matty's[...]

Brian Bendis Invites America To Let Healing Begin By Buying His Comic

On his Tumblr this morning, Bendis wrote:WELL, THE HEALING BEGINS!RIRI WILLIAMS!!i know, i know… some of you are still dizzy i am too i’m probably asleep when you read this but EVENTUALLY you’ll want some distraction so here’s this book we’re really proud of…http://time.com/4530372/marvel-new-iron-man-riri-williams-first-look/https://www.comixology.com/Invincible-Iron-Man-2016/comics-series/81078?ref=c2l0ZS9saXN0L2Rlc2t0b3AvbGlzdC9jcmVhdG9yTGlzdAcall your local store to pre order your[...]