DC Multiverse Figures Finally Get Their Act Together

DC Multiverse Mattel figures are getting a sweet makeover. The newest wave of figures, revealed today by PaulMartStore and shipping by January, show that Mattel may finally be taking its DC Multiverse line seriously. Five figures in all will make up the new look wave. Batwoman, Jessica Cruz Green Lantern, a Supergirl show version of Martian Manhunter, and Rebirth figures of Superman and Two-Face will be available. Collect them all and you can build a new version of Clayface!


First of all-the packaging looks fantastic. Why they ever used any color than blue for the box art on this line is a crime. The more compact box looks great as well. For those of us who do not open figures these look much easier to display than the current boxes. Mainly though it looks like we are going to get cool acessories from now on too! Swappable parts, energy pieces, mask-less heads. FInally it looks like Mattel will treat DC Multiverse like a Legends-style line. It is about time.

As for the figures themselves-it looks like a mixed bag still. That mask-less head for Batwoman looks not so great. The buck they are using for females have hips that look oddly disproportionate to the rest of the figure. Superman looks weird with such skinny looking legs. And while some may have been a fan of the Scott Snyder All-Star Batman look for Two-Face, I was not. The best looking figure of the wave is Martian Manhunter. They really did a banging job on that one from the look of things.

Here is hoping that this is the beginning of this line returning to the glory days of the old DC Classics line of figures. DC fans deserve it. Look for these in stores and online either by the end of the month or the beginning of January.

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