We Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave

Deadpool 2 hits theaters today, and Hasbro was kind enough to send over their new wave of Deadpool Marvel Legends figures. Featuring seven figures, if you collect them all you can build your own eighth figure: Sasquatch! Classic Cable, Classic Deadpool, Domino, Deathlok, X-23 (X-Force), Deadpool again (also X-Force), and Paladin are the figures included in the wave. Take a look at our video below!

So yeah, we kind of love this wave. Classic Deadpool and Cable are fantastic figures, and people who missed the last Merc with a Mouth figure will want to pick that one up. Deathlok and his giant gun have that troublesome magazine clip to deal with, but the figure itself is pretty perfect. X-Force is well represented with both Wade in his blacks and greys, and X-23 joining him. Paladin is a way better figure than you would expect him to be. And Domino rounds us out as the must-have of the entire wave. She is seriously awesome (she almost steals the movie as well) and may be an early contender for Marvel Legends figure of the year.

As for Sasquatch, he is one of the more poseable BAF I have had the pleasure of owning. The sculpt is fantastic — with the multiple joints in his appendages it is really easy to get him into tons of imposing and dynamic poses. I never knew that I needed a Sasquatch on my collection shelves until I actually got him out and starting messing around with him. He is in the lead for me right now for this year's Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure of the year.

You can currently walk into a store and find these on the shelf, or you can order yourself some right now here.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now! Go see it. If you liked the first one, you will find plenty to like in the sequel.

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