"Death Stranding" is Officially Coming to PC in 2020

"Death Stranding" is Officially Coming to PC in 2020
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It looks like Death Stranding will no longer be a PlayStation 4-exclusive in 2020.

It was bound to happen, given that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain made it to PC as well. This is great news for modders and anyone looking to make an already fantastic-looking game even more resplendent.

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account broke the news this morning in a quick tweet. The game is breeching on PC in early summer of 2020. There isn't an exact release date just yet.

"Thanks to all of you who have been supporting #DEATHSTRANDING!" the tweet read. "DEATH STRANDING release on PS4 is November 8, 2019!! Furthermore, KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS is happy to announce that DEATH STRANDING will be coming to PC in early summer of 2020!!#kojimaproductions #deathstrandingpc"

505 Games is publishing the PC version, according to a PR blast that debuted alongside the Kojima Productions tweet.

"We are extremely excited and honored to be working with the supremely talented team at Kojima Productions and to bring Death Stranding to PC gamers around the world," said 505 Games co-founder and CEO Raffi Galante. "Death Stranding will take gamers through a completely original experience that will delight PC gamers everywhere."

For anyone who can't wait to play the game, this may complicate matters. Play early on PlayStation 4 or wait for 2020? Our instinct says you should probably dig in as soon as possible.

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