Hot Toys Spider-Man: Homecoming Cosbaby Figures Are Plentiful And Adorable


Hot Toys Cosbaby line of stylized figures have become pretty huge, and they have quite a few planned for release this year. These things are adorable, feature great accessories, and the paint aps and sculpts are always spot-on. The recent Guardians of the Galaxy ones sold pretty briskly as well, and more and more of these are being planned for release. One of the bigger releases will for sure be their line in support of Spider-Man Homecoming. And they are releasing a bunch, all with quite a few cool features that I wish all Spider-Man figures came with.

Right away I will say, this style of figure is not for everyone. The price-point is usually peoples problem with these, as they run around $30-50 a figure. This wave will include Spidey in his regular suit and his homemade suit, and will come with magnetic features so that he can hang on webs and stay in place. There is a alternate Peter Parker head as well. His mentor Iron Man will be here as well, both in his armor and Tony Stark versions, and lastly a Vulture in his movie suit. The cool thing about these are all the different poses you can get these guys into, especially Spidey. I have completely fallen in love with the homemade suit at this point, even if the movie turns out to be terrible (I don't think that will be the case), so I will be for sure buying that Cosbaby. The stands make for even more poseability, especially with Vulture and Iron Man. I also like that we are getting so many versions of Tony Stark, and they are all wearing his cat shirt! Whoever decided to put him in that shirt in the film so that his figures would all have it is a genius.

These should be available to order this summer form online retailers and Hot Toys themselves.

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