We Take a Look at the Marvel Legends 12-Inch Wolverine Figure

Wolverine is the latest release in the Marvel Legends 12-inch line. While I love this line, it feels like the line may be on life support. In two years there have been quite a few releases, none of which hard to find on in stores. Not even the exclusives. Most of them have even reached ridiculous discounts. It is really sad; these are great quality figures with awesome articulation and great, classic-looking sculpts. And they may have made the ultimate figure in this scale with their Wolverine.

Hasbro's Marvel Legends team need to be commended for their packaging. Across all lines they use this great widow box that really shows the figures off and shows pride in the work they do. The 12-inch figures in particular have an awesome refractor shine to them, and of course the giant window showing off the entire figure and all accessories. If the figures were not so awesome, these would be cool to keep in the box.

And man, is this a cool figure. Once you get everything out of the box and start changing out all of the parts, you develop great appreciation for the work they put into this version of Logan. The non-battle damaged pieces are perfectly sculpted, and while I do not see the point of posing a Wolverine without claw hands, I do wish one more pair of non-fist hands would have made this perfect. I really like the mask-less head with the mask hanging behind his head. Of the three, the battle-damaged head and shoulder pieces are a cool inclusion, but I prefer the regular ones.

Wolverine is one of the most articulated of the 12-inch figures so far as well. He has the same points of articulation as the Spider-Man releases, but with the added bulk it is even more impressive the amount of poses you can get him in. Naturally, I had to have him fight the Hulk and Deadpool. Putting him up against Banner really is a great way to show how they keep the figures scaled with each other. And he takes great photos with his friends!

This is the ultimate 12-inch Legends release. I firmly believe that this is the figure that could swing people that haven't tried or or on the fence with this line. As far as I know, this is the last scheduled 12-inch Legends release, and there are so many more we need. They haven't even gotten to any villains yet!

If you want one of these for your very own, you can check them out here, or even here and get one right now.

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