Mighty Muggs Are Back, And We Are All In On Them!

Mighty Muggs were all the rage before Funko Pops were a thing. I have very fond memories of going into Walmarts and Targets and almost always finding new figures on shelves. Man, the feeling of finding the ever-elusive exclusives always brought a sense of accomplishment. They were also a precursor to a lot of what we see with vinyl collectibles now. The stackable boxes, emotion-filled expressions, exaggerated features — they really had it all.

And now they are coming back!

As revealed at NYCC this week, Mighty Muggs are back with a vengeance. Coming before the end of the year, both Marvel and Star Wars will be represented. Just like the old days! But now they have an added twist. Literally!

Marvel Mighty Muggs

This time, the Muggs will have different expressions! Just by easily tapping the head of the figure down, you can display the figure with one of three expressions. The figures retain the classic Muggs look, but with added sculpting details to modernize them a bit from their earlier incarnations. And just because someone wears a mask does not mean they cannot be expressive, too! Take that Spidey up there — by using his eyes instead of the mouth, we get a great sense of how any character can be made for this line.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs

The same can be said for Star Wars. The paint aps on these look incredible in person (I got hands on with them on Thursday) and it is super simple to change the expressions on each. They actually had to basically take the Kylo out of my hands so I would stop playing with it. And the stackable cases! They are hard plastic, compact, and MOC collectors rejoice: you can change the expressions from the top of the package! The cases interlock with each other, too, and easily come back apart if you feel like changing up your display.

At the $9.99 price point, these will be immensely popular. Hasbro said that there will be around 50 characters available between Star Wars and Marvel to start, so happy hunting everyone! If you see someone standing in a toy aisle relentlessly pushing the top of one of these, it is probably me.

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