Stan Lee MCU Cameos Get Their Own Funko Pops

Stan Lee is in every MCU film in a cameo role. It always gets a big response from the people watching, and it is genuinely cool when he pops up onscreen. As if that wasn't enough, now Funko is immortalizing those moments in a way us obsessive collectors understand these days: as Pops.

Stan Lee Cameo Funko Pops Wave One

New Pop!s of Stan Lee are arriving at Walmart next month!
Featured in outfits from his various cameo appearances.

Why oh why did they make these Walmart exclusives! Those are always the hardest to find. Ask anyone about the Pennywise debacle these last couple months. Other than that, I love the idea of these. The first three are based on his appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and the first two Captain America films: The First Avenger and Winter Soldier. I must have those Cap ones. Those were great cameos. But think of all the ones they can do in these! The most obvious one is the Hugh Hefner one from Iron Man. But they can do one of him in a spacesuit from Guardians Vol. 2, as the "Tony Stank" delivery man from Civil War…so on and so on.

There are already versions of Stan out there but none as cool as these. They should be hitting Walmarts in November. But going on past practices of Walmart, that could mean November of 2018, 2019, or 2356. Your best bet will be to try and catch them when they are up in their online store for the 55 seconds they will be available. Then like Pennywise, Funko will realize how badly Walmart botches the release and they will end up also selling some on their Funko Shop.

What I am trying to say is: these should be exclusives elsewhere. But good luck and happy hunting!

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