Nintendo Intends to Focus on Super Smash Bros at E3 This Year


Nintendo Intends to Focus on Super Smash Bros at E3 This Year

It's the time of year where we hype up E3 for months ahead of time again, which means Nintedo has announced their plans for the expo. Nintendo will, as they have in recent years, focused their E3 activities on games releasing soon with three days of Nintendo Treehouse programming. The spotlight this year will be on the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros game, which will launch later this year. Any Nintendo games you're waiting on with a release date after 2018 will not be at E3.

Nintendo's schedule is a bit packed, so they sent out this handy graphic schedule to help you parse everything they have going on during the show.

Nintendo Intends to Focus on Super Smash Bros at E3 This Year

Before the Expo opens its doors on Tuesday afternoon, Nintendo is hosting two days of high-level competition at the Belasco Theater in LA with the Splatoon 2 World Championship tournamet. The tourney will take place on Monday June 11 and run from 3:30 – 6:00 pm PT. Teams from the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will be entering for their chance to make it to the finals, which will take place on Tuesday June 12th. Immediately following that will be the Super Smash Bros Invitational, which will pit players against each other in the recently announced Switch Smash Bros game.

If you decide to attend the tournaments on Tuesday and come dressed as your favorite Nintendo character, you may be chosen to play the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game on stage in exhibition play. Tickets will be issued on-site at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles each day of the event. Additional details about how fans can attend in-person will be shared in the future.

At 9am PT on Tuesday, June 12, Nintendo will host a video presentation featuring all the games we can expect to see release this year, right after the presentation, Nintendo Treehouse: Live will start its regular programming of live gameplay, developer interviews, and insider looks at your favorite games.

As for show attendees, visitors at the Nintendo booth will be able to play a variety of uannounced games first party and third party games during the exposition.

All of Nintendo's E3 plans will be streamed live on, YouTube and Twitch. In addition, New Yorkers can check out the content live at the Nintendo New York store, which will also include some gameplay demos (the same ones being demoed at E3) from the 12th through the 15th. So, pick a coast and you get to check almost the same amount of new Nintendo stuff.

"Every year we take a look at E3 and craft the best experience for our fans, regardless of whether they are attending the show or watching from afar," said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We expect that each of our E3 activities will give an additional boost to the already strong momentum enjoyed by Nintendo Switch."

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