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Jonathan Hickman Quits X-Men For Three Worlds Three Moons Substack?
Three Worlds Three Moons, a shared continuity universe with two of his Xbooks writers, Excalibur and X Of Swords writer Tini Howard, and SWORD writer Al Ewing as well as Catwoman/Swamp Thing/Justice League Dark's Ram V with artists Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddleston and graphic designer Sasha E Head who worked with Hickman on Decorum[...]
Sneak Peek At Bryan Hitch’s Art For Venom #1
Ram V, Al Ewing, and Bryan Hitch are relaunching Venom for Marvel Comics in October, and it is taking on the new status quo set up by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman on the series after King In Black With Dylan Brock as the new Earth-bound version with chains on his wrist… Venom #1 by Ram[...]
Marvel's Venom #1 Launching from Ram V, Al Ewing and Bryan Hitch
The British invasion is taking over the new Venom #1 launching on October 13th by Ram V, Al Ewing, and Bryan Hitch.  Hot off the heels of VENOM #200 and EXTREME CARNAGE, this October will see the start of one of the most ambitious series in symbiote history: VENOM #1! Announced last month, Marvel's resident master[...]
Al Ewing, Who Confimed Loki Was Bisexual, Says He Is As Well
But six years ago… it was a very different time. Before comic book writer Al Ewing took over writing the Loki character for Marvel, the character had become more expressive in his sexuality In Young Avengers, he had been portrayed as pansexual/bisexual fluid in a couple of panels But when Al Ewing wrote the comic Loki[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adding Wolverine, SWORD, Way Of X, Pride, GOTG
And the word gets around the Marvel Universe, even to today's Guardians Of The Galaxy, handily also written by Al Ewing. After Mars, Hellfire Gala Makes Bigger Changes To Marvel Universe A new queen, a new currency, a new centre of power, Planet-Size X-Men and SWORD have made a big new change How is the rest of[...]
The Comic Book "Special Thanks" Credits For Loki S01E01
Al Ewing wrote Loki, Agent Of Asgard, drawn by Lee Garbett, that established the genderfluid Loki. Loki genderfluid screencap Ravonna Lexus Renslayer was created in Avengers #12 by Stan Lee and Don Heck as a reluctant love interest for and opponent of Kang The Conqueror. Avengers #12 Ralph Macchio, Mark Gruenwald, and Keith Pollard worked on the Thor comic around[...]
Bryan Hitch Joins Ram V & Al Ewing on Venom Onging Series in November
And one from Ram V, Al Ewing, and Bryan Hitch to follow Well, that second book has now been announced And it's Venom – the book previously created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman – with a new series lined up for November And the series will first appear in the Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book[...]
And Now An Alex Ross Look At The Penultimate Immortal Hulk #49
But we totally forgot about showing off his cover to The Immortal Hulk #49 as well, by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, to be published on the 4th of August. This year will see the climactic end to one of the most critically acclaimed runs in recent history: Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's IMMORTAL HULK Closing[...]
Take A Look At Alex Ross's Cover To Immortal Hulk #50 Finale
The Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett comes to the end of its four year-plus run with an #50 end cap The story will continue in a different way in Gamma Flight, written by Crystal Fraser and Al Ewing and drawn by Lan Medina But for this extraordinary modern-day horror-superhero comic, set deep[...]
Old Man Cable Returns From Al Ewing and Bob Quinn in August 2021
Written by Al Ewing with art by Bob Quinn, we have the return of the adult Cable to Marvel continuity Killed by his younger self, a version of his older self has  been seen in the current series, hanging around infernal realms, They also state that this new series will take place two months after the[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
June sees the launch of Gamma Flight #1 written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier, and drawn by Lan Medina, featuring Puck, Absorbing Man, Titania, Doc Sasquatch, Dr Charlene McGowan and a horribly changed Rick Jones, as seen below. But in Gamma Flight #2, solicited from Marvel Comics in July 2021, it looks like we have someone new on the scene[...]
But no, if you were looking for snakes, you need to be checking out the Avengers and Ghost Rider titles for Mephisto and Lilith… SWORD #5 MARVEL COMICS FEB210599 (W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Valerio Schiti ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK! On Krakoa, Fabian Cortez and the Quiet Council discuss the rules of murder[...]
We Only Find Bigger Trade Orders Than Something Is Killing The Children
Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo's We Only Find Them When They're Dead also returns to store shelves and it looks like, just like Something Is Killing the Children, the audience for the series is only growing. Which prompts the question: is We Only Find Them When They're Dead the next Something Is Killing the Children? Like[...]
Marvel Comics Launches The Last Annhiliation Crossover In July
Marvel Comics will see Al Ewing's titles SWORD and Guardians of the Galaxy, reviving a previous cosmic crossover as The Last Annihilation. And it comes with a Mystery Marvel Silhouette as well. Known for his long-term world building and big payoffs, mastermind writer Al Ewing has completely revolutionized Marvel's space-based sagas, introducing exciting new developments such as[...]