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The Rookie Season 2 Follow-Up Day Introduces Pete Davidson as Nolans Brother [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 "Follow-Up Day" Introduces Pete Davidson as Nolan's Brother [PREVIEW]

Davidson and Delacey have a few scenes together, with lots of flirting.[caption id="attachment_1174708" align="alignnone" width="1200"] ABC/Christopher Willard[/caption]Finally, viewers are going to get another glimpse at the relationship between Grace (Ali Larter) and Nolan They have been casually going out for a while now, but not much has been shown on-screen[...]

The Rookie Finally Returns With Day Of Death &#8211 Will Lucy Chen Survive [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Finally Returns With "Day Of Death" – Will Lucy Chen Survive? [PREVIEW]

After a record two-and-a-half month winter hiatus, ABC's The Rookie returns on Sunday February 23rd with its Spring Premier "Day Of Death." For viewers without a elephant's memory, the December fall finale ended with Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neil) being kidnapped by a serial killer. The premier picks up right where the finale left off: Chen […]

The Rookie Season 2 The Dark Side Review: Lucy I Am Your [SPOILER]

"The Rookie" Season 2 "The Dark Side" Review: Lucy, I Am Your [SPOILER]

This week, ABC's The Rookie definitely brings the drama in their fall finale "The Dark Side." While the team cajoles serial killer Rosalind Dyer (Annie Wersching) into revealing where she hid her victims, another threat looms. Unfortunately, no one spots the larger danger until it is too late. As predicted, the episode ends on a […]

The Rookie Season 2 Is Lured By The Dark Side [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 Is Lured By "The Dark Side" [PREVIEW]

This week is the winter finale of ABC's The Rookie. The show has been heavy on drama all season, and "The Dark Side" will be no different. If the episode preview is to be believed, one of the team is destined to fall victim to a serial killer. But who? And how? Who decided to take a […]

The Rookie Season 2 &#8211 Clean Cut Finally Finds The Funny [SPOILER REVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 – "Clean Cut" Finally Finds The Funny [SPOILER REVIEW]

Thus far, Season 2 of ABC's police procedural dramedy The Rookie has been all about the drama. While some episodes featured lighter moments, each successive week has introduced even more drama to the show. In this week's episode, "Clean Cut," the eighth of the season, The Rookie finally rediscovers its sense of humor. Restoring balance to the police […]

The Rookie Season 2: Safety Is No Protection From Pain [SPOILER REVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2: "Safety" Is No Protection From Pain [SPOILER REVIEW]

On this week's episode of ABC's The Rookie, "Safety," the rookies face a hard reality. Despite all of the physical and emotional safety precautions the officers take each day, they are never fully protected. The vests, weapons, gloves, and professional distance may keep the rookies alive. But knives, drugged out homeless men, jewelry thieves, and break-ups still […]

The Rookie Season 2 Safety Preview: Football Is Apparently A Thing

"The Rookie" Season 2 "Safety" Preview: Football Is Apparently A Thing

Last week on ABC's The Rookie everyone thought the world was going to end. What does the show have in store for fans this week? Football, apparently. This week's episode, "Safety," will feature Officers West (Titus Makin Jr.) and Bradford (Eric Winter) helping out with a community football league. Eric Weddle and Robert Woods of the […]

The Rookie Season 2 Fallout Is Ripped From The Headlines [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 "Fallout" Is Ripped From The Headlines [PREVIEW]

Grace Sawyer (Ali Larter) This week, when faced with the possibility of impending death, who will Nolan call? Scenes from the episode do feature Nolan with his girlfriend Jessica Russo (Sarah Shahi) But there don't seem to be any tender moments, only tense work situations Will a near death experience put the final nail in[...]

The Rookie Season 2: In Tough Love Nobodys Perfect [SPOILER REVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2: In "Tough Love," Nobody's Perfect [SPOILER REVIEW]

Eventually, Nolan goes to Grace Sawyer (Ali Larter), who is apparently the only other parent he knows After convincing Nolan to throw away the background investigation results and just talk to his future daughter-in-law, Grace backtracks Abigail has a past, everyone does But Henry knew about it, Nolan now knows about it, and he promises[...]

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: Mekia Cox Debuts in Warriors and Guardians

"The Rookie" Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: Mekia Cox Debuts in "Warriors and Guardians"

The show appears happy to hype the Nolan-Russo (Sarah Shahi)-Sawyer (Ali Larter) love triangle, but there have been no signs of it yet All of the drama, none of the bite.[caption id="attachment_1104658" align="alignnone" width="2000"] THE ROOKIE - "Warriors and Guardians" - ABC/Kelsey McNeal[/caption]According to the episode description, Bradford (Eric Winter) is still dating Rachel (Jasmine[...]

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 3 &#8211 In The Bet Honesty Wins [SPOILER REVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 Episode 3 – In "The Bet," Honesty Wins [SPOILER REVIEW]

ABC's police procedural dramedy The Rookie won hearts, minds, and viewers in its first season. The show had the perfect storm of comedy, drama, and attitude. John Nolan, Nathan Fillion's forty-year-old rookie brought life experience and a quirky sense of humor. But Nolan's irreverent perspective is balancedby the drama of his cases and the matter-of-fact perspective […]

The Rookie Season 2 The Bet Blasts The Past With Guest Cast-le [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 "The Bet" Blasts The Past With Guest Cast-le [PREVIEW]

Meanwhile, Officer Chen meddles with Officer Bradford’s love life, and Officer Lopez learns some surprising news about Wesley. [caption id="attachment_1100710" align="alignnone" width="2000"] THE ROOKIE - "The Bet" - ABC/Mitch Haaseth ALI LARTER, SARAH SHAHI, NATHAN FILLION[/caption]Once again, Nolan is going to be working with girlfriend Jessica Russo (Sarah Shahi) on a case[...]

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 2 Preview &#8211 Nolan Is Gonna Be Up All Night

"The Rookie" Season 2 Episode 2 Preview – Nolan Is Gonna Be Up All Night

Grace Sawyer, played by Ali Larter, is an old flame of Nolan's Since Nolan was married for about twenty years, and divorced less than a year ago, Grace must be a very old flame This week's promo is 100% about Nolan being stuck between two women While this could be a misdirect, we can safely[...]