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Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
Hulu will be bringing back Yakko, Wakko, and Dot for a third season of Animaniacs the streamer announced at the Television Critics Association Not far from their successful season one which premiered November 20, 2020, the streamer is already in the middle of production for the second set to premiere some time in 2021 The[...]
Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
It didn't take a show like Animaniacs to show us our current obsession with nostalgia, but the fact the revival's premiere mainly focused on that is far more telling about how we are in our society When studios dangle familiar IP in front of us, we want a lot of what worked in the original[...]
A look at Snowball from Rick and Morty (Image: Adult Swim)
First up, voice actor icon Rob Paulsen was asked about some of his previous animated roles during an interview with EW to promote the return of Animaniacs (where Paulsen voices Yakko, Pinky, and Dr Scratchansniff).  But this time, the spotlight was his turn as none other than Snowball from the second episode of the series' run,[...]
Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
TV Shows coming include Rick and Morty Season 4, Skins, The Mighty Ones, and the big debut of the new Animaniacs See the full list of what is coming to Hulu this month down below. The logo for streamer Hulu. Available November 1 Television Ayesha's Home Kitchen: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (Food Network) Best Baker in America: Complete Seasons[...]
Animaniacs (Official) Trailer | A Hulu Original
Earlier this month, fans of Animaniacs were treated to the Jurassic Park-like backstory behind the return of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, for 13 new episodes starting on Hulu in November (with the second season of 13 episodes set for 2021). In an amusing take-off of series producer Steven Spielberg's blockbuster franchise-starter, viewers were reintroduced to "The[...]
Animaniacs Jurassic Park Clip | A Hulu Original
During its New York Comic Con-Metaverse panel on Sunday, the fine folks behind Hulu's 13-episode first season (with the second season of 13 episodes set for 2021) of Animaniacs are giving fans a sneak preview of what they can expect In an amusing take-off of series producer Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park, viewers are reintroduced to[...]
Animaniacs returns this November (Image: Hulu)
Premiering on September 13, 1993, the original Animaniacs ran for two seasons on FOX Kids before making the move over to then-new Kids' WB (which also included Tiny Toom Adventures, Pinky and the Brain, and Batman: The Animated Series) Twenty-seven years later, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are escaping from the WB water tower once again when[...]
A look at Hulu's Helstrom (Image: IGN/Hulu)
Hulu is set to make its presence known at this year's New York Comic Con (going online and being redubbed "New York Comic Con Metaverse" for 2020), bringing along the cast and creative teams for five of its biggest upcoming projects: Helstrom, M.O.D.O.K., Animaniacs, Books of Blood, and Monsterland Running from October 8-11 and streaming[...]
Fans of modern classic cartoon Animaniacs received some welcome news on Friday when Hulu announced that Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, The Brain, and more would be returning on Friday, November 20, with a 13-episode first season (and a second season of 13 episodes set for 2021) But just in case you might be feeling a[...]
Animaniacs returns this November (Image: Hulu)
That's when Hulu's revival of classic cartoon Animaniacs hits our screen with a 13-episode first season Notice how we used "first" there? That's because the streaming service also announced that the series will be back for a second 13-episode season (sometime in 2021) And let's be clear, they're bringing back the usual suspects- including Pinky[...]
Animaniacs Reboot Just Got A 2 Season Series Order At Hulu
Fans of the animated series Animaniacs are very familiar with the main characters- Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, and it looks like a new crop of kids will get to know them too. Classic- animated Spielberg with the Warners. Hulu just placed a 2 season series order for a new Animaniacs animated series, which will see the return of the[...]
The 90's Nostalgia Train Continues With An 'Animaniacs' Reboot
We already have a reboot of Duck Tales on the way (with am all star cast) but now IndieWire has learned that an Animaniacs reboot is in early development The site says that Steven Spielberg, Amblin TV and of course Warner Bros are all involved with the project The show has receieved something of a[...]
Bring On The Nostalgia: Netflix Releases All 99 Episodes Of Animaniacs
I'm talking about Animaniacs! The hit show that originally aired in 1993, was produced by Steven Spielberg on the Fox Kids and the WB channels is now on Netflix! The show featured goofy main characters, the Warner Brothers Wakko, Yakko and their "Warner sister" Dot who would get into some wacky shenanigans every episode. Animaniacs featured a[...]