"Resident Evil: Resistance" Will Hold An Open beta Starting March 27th

"Resident Evil: Resistance" Will Hold An Open Beta Starting March 27th

Capcom announced today that Resident Evil: Resistance will be getting an open beta at the end of the month with a brand new mastermind to play as The open beta itself pen beta starts March 27 at 3am ET for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and 1pm ET for Steam The open beta will end when[...]

"Resident Evil 3" Will Be Getting A Demo This Week

"Resident Evil 3" Will Be Getting A Demo This Week

Need something to do while you're stuck at home this week? Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 3 is getting a demo this week Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo will be available starting March 19th at 12am ET on Xbox One, and 1pm ET on PS4 and Steam The news comes the same week[...]

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"Resident Evil 3" Will No Longer Have Nemesis Attack Safe Rooms

However, Capcom has confirmed through GamesRadar that this isn't the case.[caption id="attachment_1146759" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Capcom[/caption]For those of you who haven't played the original Resident Evil 3, Nemesis is basically running around stalking you and ruining your day, kind of like Mr X does during Resident Evil 2, only with more cutscenes and actual boss[...]

Capcom Brings Back "Ducktales Remastered" For Download

Capcom Brings Back "DuckTales: Remastered" For Download

Back in 2013, Capcom released DuckTales: Remastered, which was a modern version of the classic NES title we all know and love Last year, for reasons that were never explained, the game was pulled from digital stores so no one could download the game again (We assumed it was a rights issue because of Disney.)[...]

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Title Update 3 Debuts Later This Month

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Title Update 3 Debuts Later This Month

[caption id="attachment_1171867" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Capcom[/caption]Looking for a reason to jump back into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Capcom just made sure you have a reason to play, even though there's a huge crop of incoming games to get tangled up with as well.Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 3 is now slated to appear on[...]

Capcom Puts "Street Fighter V" Tournaments On Hold Over Coronavirus

The coronavirus strikes again on another set of events, as Capcom has decided to postpone a few Street Fighter V tournaments coming up Throughout the week we've seen organizers in other leagues either move tournaments around or pause them altogether Capcom has taken a different route by just canceling a few with no future dates[...]

"Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack

"Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" Is Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack

Good news for all you Resident Evil 3: Nemesis fans who also own a record player, the soundtrack is getting published in vinyl this Spring. To be very clear about this, it is a remastered version of the original 1999 PlayStation game, and not the soundtrack from the upcoming remake. Complete with this gorgeous purple […]

Capcom Rumored To Have Two Game Reveals During Jump Festa 2020

Capcom Officially Pulls Out Of PAX East 2020 Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus has forced another Japan-based company to pull out of attending PAX East 2020, as Capcom is officially out of the event The company issued an official statement on Twitter, simply saying "An update on MH Festa: Boston 2020: Unfortunately, our guests from the MH dev team will no longer be able to attend[...]

GungHo's "Teppen" has hit the 3 Million Downloads Milestone

"TEPPEN" World Championship Updates Their Points System & More

This week, GungHo Entertainment Online released new details of changes they've made to the 2020 TEPPEN World Championship. The company released a new set of guidelines involving Tour Points, which will be used to determine rankings and standings for players. These will determine whether or not you manage to make it into certain tournaments down […]

"Devil May Cry 5" Leaks New "Capcom Vs." Game Is On The Way

"Devil May Cry 5" Leaks New "Capcom Vs." Game Is On The Way

According to a voice actor for Devil May Cry 5, Capcom is already prepping the next Capcom Vs title, which includes familiar characters Ever since Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite didn't reach the heights the company wanted, they've been pretty quiet about fighting games in general Depending on the kind of fighting game player you are,[...]

Capcom Releases Some Printable "Resident Evil" Jill Valentine's Day Cards

Capcom Releases Printable "Resident Evil 3" Jill Valentine's Day Cards

They're cute little versions of the characters you know from the game made to help hype the release of the remastered title on April 3rd, 2020.[caption id="attachment_1161263" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Capcom[/caption]You can download a PDF of the cards here, or if you don't like using a PDF, you can just go to on Capcom’s Resident[...]

"Resident Evil: Resistance" Reveals Two Masterminds & Two Maps

Capcom has revealed new details on Resident Evil: Resistance, as we now know two more masterminds as well as a couple more maps to play on Along with the fact that they've moved on from calling it a Project as it is now just a Resident Evil title Joining the guild of evil people behind[...]

UDON Announces "Breath Of Fire: Official Complete Works" Book

UDON Announces "Breath Of Fire: Official Complete Works" Book

UDON and Capcom have a lot of books on the way in 2020, the latest to be announced today being Breath Of Fire: Official Complete Works Much like other books they have announced, this is basically a tome of knowledge for the entire franchise, with 192 pages of content Since Capcom doesn't appear to be[...]

Capcom Announces "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition"

Capcom Releases Content Details For "Street Fighter V: Champion Edition"

As we prepare for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition to be released this month, Capcom has released details on the upcoming content On their blog, the company revealed all of the additions coming to the characters, the stages, and a complete list of content that will be included in the game This looks about as[...]

Capcom & Numskull Reveal A New Line Of "Resident Evil 3" Merch

Capcom & Numskull Reveal A New Line Of "Resident Evil 3" Merch

To mark the impending release of the new Resident Evil 3, Capcom have partnered with Numskull to make a new line of RE3 merchandise The two have paired to bring you a series of items like hats, mugs, and pins for you to show off your support for S.T.A.R.S., or to join up with the[...]


UDON Reveal "Street Fighter: World Warrior Encyclopedia-Arcade Edition"

Like many encyclopedias, this is going to be about as in-depth on the Capcom fighting game as you'll get Included in the book will be character bios on every character to ever be in the series, fighting styles, stage history, storylines, backstories, and more Everything you've ever wanted to know about the game from the[...]

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Reveals Returning Stygian Zinogre

Capcom Reveals More "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Content

Over the weekend, Capcom decided to release some new info on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, showing what they have coming in 2020 The developers rolled out the roadmap you see below detailing what they have coming up immediately in the next couple of months, and what they intend to add down the road Immediately out[...]

"Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition" Announced For Nintendo Switch

"Devil May Cry 3" On Switch Includes A New Seamless Style Feature

Capcom has announced a new feature being added to the Nintendo Switch version of Devil May Cry 3, as players will get a Seamless Style feature The new feature will give players the ability to seamlessly switch combat styles on the fly That way you can take on multiple enemies in different tactics as you[...]

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Latest "Resident Evil 3" Gets Up Close and Personal with Nemesis

[caption id="attachment_1146756" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Capcom[/caption]Ready for another stroll through Raccoon City? We figured you might be Capcom just released a new Resident Evil 3 trailer, and it's all about getting to know the monster behind the carnage: Nemesis.What can we say? If you're a Resident Evil fan, this new footage is about to make[...]

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Has Finally Been Added To PC

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Has Finally Been Added To PC

Capcom announced this week that the PC version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is finally live and available for players to download The company released some added details of the small differences between the PC and console versions But for the most part, the two are pretty much identical You can read more about the[...]