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Frasier Reboot: Kelsey Grammer on Revisiting Character After 17 Years
Frasier Crane (a role he also played on the classic NBC sitcom Cheers) Set to appear on the daytime talk show The Talk on Monday, Grammer revealed that "we're in the final script for the first episode" of the reboot/revival/sequel series (it gets so confusing sometimes) And the actor is liking what he's seeing, adding,[...]
Frasier: David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth Reflect Sitcom, Talk Revival
Lilith Sternin goes even further back to their days on Cheers, in which their characters originated as the one-time married couple appearing in 80 of the 271 episodes making her series debut in the season four episode "Second Time Around" and subsequently appeared in 12 of the 264 episodes of the spinoff While promoting their[...]
Cheers: Why We're Due for a Reboot for Peacock or Paramount+
There's no question that Cheers was one of the more brilliant "everyday person" shows during the Brandon Tartikoff era at NBC Anchored by a wide range of actors and comedic talent with Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, Kelsey Grammer, Woody Harrelson, Shelley Long, and Kirstie Alley, the series ran for 271 episodes[...]
Frasier Reboot: Kelsey Grammer on Revisiting Character After 17 Years
Frasier Crane, a character that made his debut on the NBC sitcom Cheers in its third season in 1984, 37 years ago Not only did Grammer stay in nine of the remaining 11 seasons of Cheers, he also starred in its successful spinoff Frasier that saw the good doctor move from Boston to Seattle in[...]
Frasier Sequel Series Reportedly Being Considered By Paramount+
Over that time, the Cheers spinoff would set a record for most Emmy Awards won by a scripted series at that time, with 37 of those awards including five consecutive wins for Outstanding Comedy Series Along with Grammer, Frasier also starred David Hyde Pierce as Frasier's younger brother, Niles Crane; Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon, Frasier's[...]
John Ratzenberger at the "Walk to Vegas" World Premiere at the Richards Center for the Arts on January 11, 2019 in Palm Springs, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /
One of the most beloved characters on the long-running NBC sitcom Cheers is Cliff Clavin, played by John Ratzenberger throughout the television series' 11 seasons appearing in all 271 episodes Cliff is a postal worker who frequents the bar and often sits next to his best friend Norm Peterson (George Wendt) The actor recorded a[...]
Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
TV shows leaving include Cheers, The Andy Griffith Show, Jeopardy, and all seven seasons of Mad Men You can see the entire list of what is leaving Netflix in June down below. Netflix Logo Leaving June 1 The King's Speech Leaving June 3 God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness Leaving June 4 A Perfect Man Leaving June 7 Equilibrium From Paris With Love AMC Networks Leaving[...]
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Grammer is well aware of this, too: "Of course, John Mahoney died, so you'd need to replace that energy, perhaps like they did on Cheers with Coach, they found Woody (Harrelson), who had the same kind of sensibility." It would be pretty entertaining to see Frasier himself fill that role- Grammer is 64 years old as[...]
The Bleeding Cool TV Top 10 Best of 2018 Countdown: #10 The Good Place
While hiding in plain sight from Good Place Architect Michael (Ted Danson – "Cheers," "CSI" – in an Emmy Award-nominated performance), she's determined to shed her old way of living and earn her spot. The first two seasons featured surprise after surprise and twist after twist, including a world-upending Season 1 finale that threw everything up[...]
Family Guy's Carrie Fisher Eulogy Will Break Your Heart
Angela. *Sings opening from "Sanford and Son"* Angela." (In case you were wondering, those first lines were from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Friends, and Cheers.) Gotta admit: the Friends clap and Sanford and Son part just broke me Great jokes I hope someone tells them at my funeral. "I'm sorry, death is hard for me[...]
May the 4th Be with You – Television's Lovingly Obscure Star Wars References
He was responsible for the Death Star." can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7 Trailer 1 ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer (s07 – 'Potential'): When Andrew (Tom Lenk) tries to explain to Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) about her legacy, Xander (Nicholas Brendon) interrupts with, "Say 'Skywalker' and I'll smack you." Later in[...]