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Kitbash Model Club
Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive revealed this morning that they will be adding a new 16-player Multiplayer Mode for Kitbash Model Club For those who haven't been keeping track, this game is being designed to be "the ultimate model vehicle construction" game, as you'll have access to a ton of kits that you used[...]
Badlands Crew
Indie game developer Runner Duck and publisher Curve Games have revealed Badlands Crew, the third installment to their Crew series of games This particular game is set in the aftermath of an apocalypse, as you'll be commanding a land vehicle to navigate what's left of the United States It will be up to you in[...]
For The King II Releases Brand-New Resistance Trailer
Curve Games and IronOak Games have announced they will be launching a beta test period for their upcoming game For The King II The test is set to launch on May 10th and run all the way through May 16th, giving you a chance to try the game out while the devs test out several[...]
Blooming Business: Casino
Curve Games and French indie studio Homo Ludens confirmed the release date for Blooming Business: Casino today, as the game is coming out next month The game has been teased for about two years now, as the team has created a throwback title where you will be running a casino in an animal-filled world, attempting[...]
Kitbash Model Club
Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive bring the fun of model building back with the announcement of Kitbash Model Club The team behind the game is mixing state-of-the-art physics and a practically unlimited set of customization options for you to build whatever you feel like You can make whatever you want from everything you need[...]
Blooming Business: Casino
Curve Games and Homo Ludens revealed an all-new trailer for Blooming Business: Casino, as the game got a free demo this week The one-minute trailer basically looks like an overview trailer, as you're given a tour of the game but not a ton of substance beyond an introduction But that's okay, because you can get[...]
For The King II Releases Brand-New Resistance Trailer
Curve Games and IronOak Games have released a brand-new trailer for For The King II, showing off more content with the "Resistance" trailer The video, which you can check out down below, gives you a little bit of everything in a minute as you see the look of the game, as well as a bit[...]
From Space Set To Launch On PC & Switch In Late September
Curve Games revealed that they have pushed the release date for From Space from September to early November 2022 While the team didn't really offer up any details as to why the decision was made, it doesn't take a lot of guesswork these days to assume they wanted to work on it a little more[...]
Blooming Business: Casino
Curve Games and French indie studio Homo Ludens announced this week that Blooming Business: Casino is headed to PC sometime next year Much like previous titles in this genre, this one will have you running a business as best you can in a world filled with animals running the show Everything from setting up the[...]
From Space Set To Launch On PC & Switch In Late September
Curve Games and Triangle Studios announced that From Space will be released on PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch next month If you haven't checked out this game yet, this is a family-friendly shooter where you and three others can fight off a horde of pink aliens who have infested the planet and are trying to[...]
Multiplayer Party Game Block’Em Will Release In September
Curve Games revealed today they will be releasing Cat Shawl Games' upcoming multiplayer party title Block'Em this September This is a fun little platforming racing title of sports where you all play as these marshmallow-looking creatures who have the ability to create blocks in front of them or destroy blocks one at a time Each[...]
Chenso Club
We have more info about the game below, as well as a trailer and a quote from he studio, as it will drop on September 1st, 2022. Credit: Curve Games Chenso Club is an action-packed arcade-style game, featuring an all-female cast of cute, colourful and deadly girls-turned-fighters Fans can play either solo or in couch co-op with[...]
Autonauts Vs. Piratebots Is Coming To PC This Summer
Curve Games and Denki revealed this past week that we will be getting Autonauts Vs Piratebots on Steam later this month The game will be taking your favorite characters from the Autonauts and putting them into an entirely new situation as it is a fight for survival against attackers from the sea It will be[...]
Autonauts Will Get A Console Release Later This Month
Developer Denki and publisher Curve Games announced that they will be bringing Autonauts over to all three major consoles this month The game has been a major success on PC as the team has mixed base-building, management, and automation simulation all into one title that will keep you running around for hours trying to make[...]
Autonauts Vs. Piratebots Is Coming To PC This Summer
Curve Games revealed the latest game in the Autonauts series is coming this summer when they release Autonauts Vs Piratebots for Steam If the name didn't tip you off already, you'll be fighting aga=inst and defending your land from pirates Excuse me, piratebots You will create and automate a base, as well as fortify it with[...]
Curve Games Announces For The King 2 Coming Next Year
Curve Games and IronOak Games revealed that they will be making the sequel For The King 2, set to be released sometime in 2023 The game is aiming to capitalize on what made it great the first time around as the devs are aiming to provide even greater experience with strategy, RPG combat, and roguelike[...]
Golf Gang
Curve Games and developer Lazy Monday Games announced this past week that their upcoming game Golf Gang will be coming out next month Over the past several years, as strange as it sounds, golfing games have taken on a life of their own when it comes to multiplayer fun Especially with content creators and livestreamers[...]
The Ascent Will Release On PlayStation In Late March
Curve Games and Neon Giant will be bringing their co-op action-shooter RPG The Ascent over to PlayStation consoles in late March The game originally came out back in July 2021 and has been getting solid reviews since Now both PS4 and PS5 players will be able to experience this unique mesh of genres as the[...]
Space Crew: Legendary Edition Drops Onto PC & Consoles
Curve Games has finally released Space Crew: Legendary Edition, bringing in a ton of new content and humor to the sci-fi title This version of the game basically is an all-in-one package as you get the base game, all the updates and add-ons, and a bunch of bonus content that makes this a well-rounded insane[...]