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Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Focus Home Interactive revealed during The Game Awards 2020 that Hood: Outlaws & Legends will be coming out in May The company revealed that the game is now currently up for pre-order across both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Steam, as the game will be released on May 10th, 2021 What's more, there[...]
Insurgency: Sandstorm Receives The New Cold Blood Update
Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive have released a new free update into Insurgency: Sandstorm called Cold Blood The new update adds in a new winter map that will have you dealing with the elements more than you would like to as they provide cover, distractions, perils, and obstacles that will balance out the[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Focus Home Interactive revealed four new mini trailers for their upcoming game Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a new take on Robin Hood The game is set to be released sometime in 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, though we don't have a confirmed date on it yet We're guessing that's going to be somewhat cleared[...]
MudRunner Is Free On The Epic Games Store For A Limited Time
Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive, this is the game that made SnowRunner possible as you work with a lot of heavy machinery designed for terrible conditions to work on projects and haul cargo around This game was actually one of the top viewed game on Twitch for a short time[...]
Curse Of The Dead Gods Received The Eagle’s Spire Update
Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have released a new update for Curse Of The Dead Gods called The Eagle's Spire The game is still sitting in Early Access on PC, so any update is basically an addition to what could be considered an unfinished game So it's kinda hard to tell if this is[...]
Auto Draft
Focus Home Interactive and Nacon revealed this week that they will be bringing GreedFall to both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X The game was released last year and had some pretty good success out of the gate, even with the game exploring controversial matters of colonization in a weird fantasy realm Now the[...]
Auto Draft
Focus Home Interactive has released a new update for Othercide this week, giving players a brand new mode to play It's rather interesting that ever since the game was released we haven't heard a ton about it or what's been going on with it since The lead-up to it was impressive as the company marketed[...]
Farming Simulator Adds Realism & Eco-Friendliness IN F
Focus Home Interactive and GIANTS Software revealed that Farming Simulator 19 will get a free update with some realism perks A new "smart farming" technology update will be coming to the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 8th This entire DLC is part of the Precision Farming Project which was funded[...]
Hardspace: Shipbreaker Gets A Halloween Event With Ghost Ships
Focus Home Interactive and Blackbird Interactive have added their own Halloween event to Hardspace: Shipbreaker this week The game may still be in early access, but it's not stopping the team from giving you a bit of a fright as they introduce The Haunted Frontier update into the game You'll be dealing with a whole[...]
"Farming Simulator 19" Will Get The Bourgault DLC On March 10th
Focus Home Interactive and GIANTS Software revealed more for the Alpine Farming expansion for Farming Simulator 19 The latest expansion will be taking you up into the hills for a lot of different challenges and vehicles from companies you haven't worked with before All while providing a peaceful environment that doesn't look like anything else[...]
Insurgency: Sandstorm Gets A Massive Update In Operation: Breakaway
Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive released a massive new update to Insurgency: Sandstorm with Operation: Breakaway This time around, Security forces have gone rogue and joined the Insurgents, as you will now have a hard time telling who are your allies and who are your enemies Patch 1.8 has added in a new[...]
Focus Home Interactive Announces New Partnership With Flying Wild Hog
Focus Home Interactive had some interesting news today as they have revealed a newly formed partnership with Flying Wild Hog If you're not familiar with them, they are based across three studios in Poland and are perhaps best known for the Shadow Warrior series While the news of the partnership is cool, that's kind of[...]
Focus Home Reveals Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground
During Gamescom 2020, Focus Home interactive revealed a new Warhammer game with Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground This particular game is going to be a new turn-based strategy title, which is actually the first strategy adaptation of Games Workshop's dark fantasy Age of Sigmar IP A fun little campaign filled with immortal knights who,[...]
Farming Simulator 19 Kverneland Update-3
Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer this week for Farming Simulator 19, showing off more content from the Alpine Expansion The content was introduced a while ago from developer GIANTS Software as they are adding in a lot more vehicles to make the job in the fields easier, but with a little bit of[...]
Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have expanded the Early Access for Hardspace: Shipbreaker with a brand new mode The devs have added what they're calling the Weekly R.A.C.E., a new set of challenges taking place on a weekly bases for you to take part in and gain some achievements and respect in the community[...]