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Horizon: Zero Dawn Producer Samrat Sharma is Returning to Ubisoft

However, he seems very excited to be returning to Ubisoft.Ubisoft Toronto's development credits include For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry 5.According to a report on, one of the Senior Producers on Horizon: Zero Dawn is moving to Ubisoft's Toronto studio to head up development on a new, unannounced title[...]

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For Honor Due To Get Dedicated Console Servers Tuesday

If you're still playing For Honor on a console, chances are you probably are still dealing with some of the random timeout and connectivity issues that have been with the game since it first launched Ubisoft announced a while back that dedicated servers are going to be coming to the game to improve the experience, and[...]

For Honor Launches Into Their Fifth Season With "Age Of Wolves"

Along with the news that Ubisoft is putting in new dedicated servers for their game For Honor on February 19th, we finally have details about their fifth season, "Ages Of Wolves" which launches today Below are a brand new video and a snippet from the game's official introduction to the new season, which promises new battles[...]

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For Honor Still Boasts 1 Million Unique Players Every Month

Ubisoft has revealed that a year on from release, For Honor is currently very healthy, boasting a large player base with a decent portion continuing to play the title every month.[caption id="attachment_640347" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//UbiSoft[/caption]Ubisoft has made a bit of a habit out of keeping their games happy and healthy even if they don't immediately take off[...]

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For Honor is Getting Dedicated Servers in Season 5 Update

[caption id="attachment_640347" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//UbiSoft[/caption]For Honor's fourth season is on it's way out the door, and Ubisoft has announced the fifth season, Age of Wolves, which will make good on last year's promise of the introduction of dedicated servers.Initially announced last July, dedicated servers are a feature that the community has been very vocal about[...]

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For Honor's Dedicated Servers Will Be Coming in Next Update

For Honor's long-gestating dedicated servers are making their way to the live version of the game very soon.The Ubisoft game's path to getting servers run remotely and not player-to-player has been a long one It's been an ask for by the community for a long time due to the sometimes unstable and unfair nature for some[...]

Ubisoft Shows Off For Honor's "Frost Wind Festival" Trailer

As part of For Honor's third season, Ubisoft has decided to show off their latest seasonal event in the "Frost Wind Festival" The event will run from December 21st until January 4th, featuring a new game mode called Ice Brawlers where you'll have a 1-v-1 battle on an ice-covered lake where the ice will crack below[...]

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For Honor Is Hosting Dedicated Server Tests to Try, Even if You Don't Own the Game

For Honor is currently in the process of converting host-based servers to dedicated ones, and to make sure they're working properly, is running tests starting today The rather cool thing? You don't need the game to try it out.A few months ago, Ubisoft announced that the game would be leaving player hosted servers behind to[...]

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For Honor's Fourth Content Season Goes Live Tomorrow

For Honor‘s fourth season, Order & Havoc, kicks off tomorrow for Xbox One, PS4, and PC players.With season four, we get a new 4v4 mode called Tribute, two new maps, and two new heroes: Aramusha and Shaman The heroes will be playable for season pass holders starting tomorrow, and will be made available for all players[...]

'For Honor' Wants You To Come Back With Another Free Weekend

Starting on Thursday, November 9th, Ubisoft would really like to get you back into For Honor yet again Just before Season 4 kicks off, another free weekend is being offered by the developer for Xbox One and PS4 users This isn't anything new as players have seemingly come and gone from the game throughout its[...]

Another For Honor Free Weekend Is Coming Up

Today, Ubisoft announced that For Honor will offer yet another free weekend across all platforms starting on August 10th All players will have full access to the game’s content for the duration of the free weekend, including five intense multiplayer modes and a campaign playable solo or with a friend in online co-op, as well[...]

Ubisoft Reveal The Details Of 'For Honor's Third Season

The third season of For Honor kicks off in about a week and a half, but before you team up and go searching for glory in battle, Ubisoft decided that maybe you should get a look at what's in store for season three.We'll let the devs do the talking in the video below, but basically,[...]

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Ubisoft Is Giving For Honor Dedicated Servers And Two More Content Seasons

[caption id="attachment_640347" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Ubisoft[/caption]Today, Ubisoft announced the new For Honor development schedule, which details a steady rollout of new content releases and improvements to the overall game experience for the rest of the calendar year and leading into 2018 This is in spite of low player numbers for the game, a fact which[...]

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Ubisoft Protests The Low 'For Honor' Player Counts Too Much

[caption id="attachment_640347" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Ubisoft[/caption]Ubisoft’s For Honor has been widely criticized for a range of issues such as poor server stability, lack of balance, and unfair in-game prices on the game's microtransactions Due to the numerous issues, reports claim that player numbers have decreased dramatically, though a new statement from a Ubisoft rep attempts to discredit this as[...]

Ubisoft And The ESL Announce The For Honor Hero Series

Today, Ubisoft announced the For Honor Hero Series, an international tournament program organised in partnership with ESL, taking place this summer starting July 8th across all platforms in Europe and the United States.  Following the weekly competitions, 16 of the top players will participate in a live event on August 12th in Burbank, California where they will play[...]

GTA V Is A Top Selling Game Of 2017 Despite Releasing 4 Years Ago

That's, pretty damn impressive.According to the NPD Group's findings (which we got through IGN) the top selling games of 2017 so far are:Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands For Honor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Horizon Zero Dawn Mass Effect: Andromeda Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K17 Call[...]

Ubisoft Continues To Perform Well Financially, And Still Suck At Humblebragging

Included in the press release were the claims that Ghost Recon: Wildlands was the industry's best-selling title since the beginning of the year, and For Honor was the industry's second best-selling game Yeah, the two highest-grossing games of 2017 so far have been two of Ubisoft's games.. says Ubisoft Forgive me if I question the[...]

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Ubisoft Shows Off For Honor's Newest Characters And Maps

Ubisoft recently revealed their Season 2 plans for dueling-sim and fantasy brawlfest For Honor Those plans told us that Season 2 would come with two new maps and two new playable character classes All of those would be playable for every version of the game, though those with Gold editions or Season Passes would get the[...]

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The Second Season Of 'For Honor' Coming In A Matter Of Weeks

Today, Ubisoft released info on For Honor's second season, "Shadow and Might," will be released worldwide across all platforms simultaneously on May 16 The season will include two new heroes (Shinobi and Centurion), two new maps and new customizable items The maps and gameplay updates are free to everyone, but the two new fighters will[...]