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Image Comics July 2021 Solicits and Solicitations in Full
Chu, the Chew sequel by John Layman and Dan Boultwood published by Image Comics saw its fifth issue published in November 2020 – and nothing since But Chu will return in July, part of Image Comics' July 2021 solicitations. The comic stars Saffron Chu, sister to Chew-star FBI investigator Tony, and is a criminal A cibopars,[...]
Ephk Brings Mawrth Vallis To Image Comics
Although major narrative details are sparse to keep up an air of mystery, MAWRTH VALLIIS promises weird machines, fast planes, and a dark secret, rendered in an analogue digital style across 128-pages." And now Image Comics has picked it up, for publication in July. Writer/artist EPHK will take readers on a pulse-pounding, sci-fi journey through Mars' mysteries[...]
The cover to M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, by Emilia Clarke, Marguerite Bennett, and Leila Leiz
Abrams' stupid kid with M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, a new series from Image Comics Mother of Madness stars a woman named Maya who is a scientist, superhero, and mom, and will be co-written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Leila Leiz. "We're always calling mothers superheroes, and I'm like, what if they were? What if they[...]
Man-Eaters: Cursed #1: Cain, Miternique and Niemczyk Return
Adolescents, feminist derring-do, and supernatural hijinks collide in this new five-issue story arc out from Image Comics this July. "Man-Eaters: Cursed #1" Cover A, Image "This new arc revisits Maude a few years later, in a different environment, with new stakes and new scares She can't rely on a girl-shaped-zeppelin to save her; she has to figure[...]
Everyone Is Talking About James Harren’s Ultramega #1
It's one of the only original properties on that list, it's a recent release not buoyed by a media deal, and it's a reminder of how much Image Comics launches command a level of prominence and interest rivaled only the superheroes with Disney and Warner Bros behind them. Ultramega #1 Sells Out Again, Except This Time[...]
Printwatch: Nottingham #1 3rd Printing
PrintWatch: Department Of Truth#1 by James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds is going to a fifth printing from Image Comics No cover yet Published on the 12th of May, 2021. PrintWatch: Nottingham #1 by David Hazan, Shane Connery Volk and Luca Romano is going to its third printing from Mad Cave Studios Cover below Out on[...]
Image to Publish The Art Of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe
And now Image Comics, Skybound and AMC are to publish The Art of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe, AMC's first venture into publishing. The Art Of AMC's The Walking Dead Universe A compilation of behind-the-scenes pre-production and production art from The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, it will be published[...]
Rick Grimes Returns To The Walking Dead In Skybound X
But now he's coming back in a new anthology series from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics. As well as Rick Grimes, the comic book will also feature Clementine from the Walking Dead Telltale games -= as previously teased – and other Skybound characters Creators will include Skybound founder and Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman, as well as[...]
David LaFuenta and Cherish Chen Guest-Star On Radiant Black #6
Issue #6 of the new Image Comics series Radiant Black by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa will have… less Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa Because it will contain an in-universe story by Ultimate Spider-Man and Archer & Armstrong artist David Lafuente and Cherish Chen, writer/producer and co-creator of the RocketJump Film School. Who's under the helmet of[...]
Patrick Meaney, Jeff Edwards, Mohsen Ashraf's Syphon at Image Comics
It's how I have ended up on his Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, and Image Comics documentaries, and every now and then someone I know will see one and e-mail me asking what the hell I am doing on their television and could I please stop it. Patrick Meaney, Jeff Edwards, Mohsen Ashraf's Syphon at Image Comics Well,[...]
A Man Among Ye Returns With Pirate Queen Anne Bonny in July
Where can I get it? From a comic shop? There are comic shops? Yes, there are. Pirate Queen Anne Bonny Returns in A Man Among Ye #5, in July And now the comic book is returning from Top Cow/Image Comics after a hiatus with a new artist, Josh George, for a new arc, in July. "I'm really excited[...]
PrintWatch: Silver Coin #1 and Curse Of Dracula #1 Get Second Prints
PrintWatch: Silver Coin, the new horror anthology series drawn by Michael Walsh, with rotating writers, has sold out of the first issue written by Chip Zdarsky and has gone to a second printing from Image Comics The second printing is planned for the 5th of May, while the second issue, written by Kelly Thompson is[...]
Peter Tomasi & Brad Walker's Snipe & Slug From Geoff Johns' Mad Ghost
Today sees the release of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's new creator-owned comic book Geiger, part of the new Mad Ghost line of comic books published by Geoff Johns through Image Comics It's a post-apocalyptic Western of a ghost story The legends of the old West repurposed for the new And, given his current Hollywood[...]
John Zuur Platten & Atilio Rojo's St Mercy OGN From Image Comics
Mercy is a new graphic novel by John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo, to be released by Image Comics on the 26th of October, 2021. From the writer of Jurassic World Revolution, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena and Wanted: Weapons of Fate comes a revenge tale that spans millennia! No good deed goes unpunished Mercedes[...]