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Lion Forge and Madefire Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…
Lion Forge is the latest publisher to bring its digital library to Madefire, according to a press release sent out by the publisher today All of the Lion Forge comics currently available digitally, including the Catalyst Prime universe, Voltron Legendary Defender, Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven, and more New issues will be available each[...]
Dark Horse Comes to Madefire Just in Time for the Holidays
Were you hoping to give the gift of Dark Horse comics and graphic novels to friends and loved ones this Holiday Season, but don't want to brave the elements or interact directly with other humans to get your hands on them? Well, you're in luck! Dark Horse has finally come to Madefire, so order some[...]
Image Comics And Madefire, Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes Kirkman with the baby carriage! Image Comics is the latest publisher to go all in on the Madefire, making "a trove of back catalog titles" available on the innovative digital comics app.  In a press release, Image names a bunch of books they've published, though it doesn't specifically[...]
First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes Liam Sharp with the baby carriage! Copying their distinguished competition for the second time in recent memory, Marvel has partnered with Madefire to make their digital comics available on the Madefire app. The happy couple announced the union with a tastefully produced video featuring a catchy melody: can't[...]
Pushing Comics Forward, BOOM! Studios Releases Digital Comics App
Breaking new ground, keeping ahead of the curve, and pushing comics forward, Diamond Gem Publisher of the Year Award winner BOOM! Studios announced a new digital comics app this week, in partnership with Madefire The app, currently available only on iOS but coming to newfangled Android phones sometime in the future, will "feature BOOM!'s acclaimed library[...]
Make Money With Madefire! A New Way To Publish Comics Digitally
Today, motion comic book publisher and distributor, Madefire, has launched a new app, Motion Book Publisher to openly enable comic book publishers to build their own storefront, apps and publish books across multiple platforms and products. Currently there are major incompatibility issues regarding different devices, Motion Book Publisher seeks remove these by creating a new adaptable standard, that will[...]
Ben Abernathy Is Now Director Of Talent Relations For DC Comics
Ben Abernathy, former DC Comics and Wildstorm editor left the company a few years back to work with Madefire… but now he is returning as the Director of Talent Relations Abernathy teased his return on twitter today, but then Gail Simone let the cat out of the bag all together.   Duh duh DUH[...]
Liam Sharp Shows Us What's On His Drawing Board
Besides being an artist, writer and publisher, Sharp is also the co-founder of Madefire which has been called a revolutionary new digital reading experience The third issue of Captain Stone came out this week, you should go pick it up Meanwhile, here is a new page that Sharp has been working on. [...]
Ares & Aphrodite By  Jamie S. Rich And  Megan Leven Debuts Digitally Today
Rich and Megan Levens, entitled Ares & Aphrodite, by making its first chapter available straight away on ComiXology and Madefire. Following their work together on Madame Frankenstein, the comic will be released every Tuesday in six weekly chapters, concluding just before Valentine's Day, which is handy. Ares & Aphrodite has one of those big high concepts, a divorce lawyer[...]
The Valiant Released Day And Date As Motion Book
Valiant Entertainment and Madefire have partnered for the day-and-date release of The Valiant #1 Motion Book  – the first issue of Valiant's new four-issue miniseries writers Jeff Lemire (Animal Man) & Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and artist Paolo Rivera (Daredevil) The motion comic made its debut the same day as the printed issue hit comic stores this[...]
Titan Comics Announces A Partnership With Madefire for Mono And Cap Stone In September
At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation lunch, Titan Comics, Titan announced an upcoming partnership with Madefire starting in September, including the two series Mono and Cap Stone. At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation lunch, Titan Comics, Titan announced an upcoming partnership with Madefire starting in September, including the two series Mono and Cap Stone. At the Diamond[...]
It's 2014. Who Do You Want To Distribute Your Digital Comics?
And some publishers are, frankly, worried that Amazon is quite so willing to flex its muscles. The purchase of ComiXology by Amazon has led to some big market ructions, with many readers regretting the removal of the In App Purchase option that encouraged browising and impulse buys on iOS and Android devices. Well, when ComiXology signed publishers[...]