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Here's the top ten: Harley Quinn cosplay at London MCM Comic Con/Rich Johnston The top 10 most popular characters to cosplay Rank Character Total number of combined hashtags 1 Harley Quinn 758,449 2 Spiderman 710,667 3 Batman 347,639 4 Joker 321,166 5 Deku  248,935 6 Wonder Woman 231,247 7 D.Va  215,971 8 Deadpool 204,579 9 Todoroki  189,132 10 Poison Ivy 171,227 Definitely Harley Quinn, though the shine seems to have come off Harley Quinn a little of late, based on recent conventions I've attended, while I have seen a lot more[...]
When You See Really Good Guillermo Cosplay at MCM London Comic Con
On Day One and Day Two, I did a fair bit of cosplay photography at MCM London Comic Con, but yesterday on Day Three I spent that time a) photographing almost 200 Artists Alley booths and b) going to see an hour live show by Matthew Holness as Garth Marenghi, reading from his novel, being[...]
MCM Artists Alley 2023
Yesterday, walking around Artists Alley at MCM London Comic Con, taking photos of the many booths from comic book creators, publishers and illustrators, I was asked by one publisher if I was the guy who did this last year I confessed I was and yes, they knew Bleeding Cool It turns out this was their[...]
Zoe Thorogood, Working On Superhero Comics By The End Of The Year
Zoe Thorogood, Lisa Wood and Kit Buss were interviewed by comic book dealer and historian Duncan McAlpine at MCM London Comic Con yesterday in a panel entitled Indie Comics Are Still Punk! MCM Summer 2023/Rich Johnston Zoe Thorogood is best known for drawing Joe Hill's Rain, and writing and drawing It's Lonely at the Centre of the[...]
That Good Omens Kickstarter Ad At MCM London Comic Con
Colleen Doran writes on Facebook, "at a Comic convention this weekend in London, you can see this animated display for the Good Omens graphic novel and sign up to get the first release alert the moment it launches on Kickstarter." I am at that comic con! MCM London Comic Con, and I saw the ad in[...]
MCM Cosplay
The sun is still shining in London for the second day of MCM London Comic Con, and so are the cosplayers Which is probably why I spent more time outside today than inside, when I wasn't trying to fix the coffee marking facilities in the Press/Creator room for Alan Davis (I failed) This is Day[...]
This is Day One of MCM London Comic Con, traditionally the quiet day and though it started off that way, it has rapidly ramped up with every hour Permission was sought from all cosplayers in the foreground of shots, and that includes the women sitting on the stairs watching the cosplay crowds Man, twenty years[...]
MCM London Comic Con has kicked off today, for a gorgeous summer weekend of comics, cosplay, consoles and categories! Bleeding Cool, as ever, is running around the place like a blue-arsed fly-by and we have yet another From One Side Of The Show To The Other videos to display like a puffed-up peacock. This is from[...]
Just Arrived at MCM London Comic Con in The Daily LITG, 26th May 2023
And today I type this after just having gotten off the Elizabeth line, tunnelling my way through London, to the ExCel Centre for the start of MCM London Comic Con If you see me there, give me a wave! The ten most popular stories yesterday How – And Why – Those Amazing Spider-Man #26 Spoilers Leaked Tom King[...]
MCM Batman Joker Jock
Tomorrow is MCM London Comic Con, Bleeding Cool will be there, and it seems that Reed POP have decided that it might be a good idea to have a bunch of comic book guests for the show, as opposed to the usual booth holders I know, who would have thought? That's why they have Alan[...]
Dead By Daylight To Debut At MCM London At Forbidden Planet Stall
But Dead By Daylight #1 will debut this Friday at the Forbidden Planet stall at MCM London Comic Con with an exclusive Claudia Ianniciello Foil Variant, the first of 4 Legion portrait covers (one for each issue #1-#4) Dead By Daylight Forbidden Planet Variant #1 features Frank & is limited to 650 copies worldwide. Dead By[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics in May 2023
The new edition of Things To Do In London If You Like Comics for May 2023, as MCM London Comic Con comes to town at the end of the month, while Free Comic Book Day starts at the beginning But what else? Lots of signings, and not just for Bryan Talbot, school workshops, a trans[...]
Claire Lim's Dark Well
You might know her from Screengrab, the BAFTA Scotland Award, Sky's Licence To Drive, Press X To Continue, hosting her own podcast, Real Imagined Futures or running big panels at MCM Comic Con After I reported on her most recent Sandman panel at MCM London, we got chatting This is the result It was time[...]
Booths & Tables at MCM London Comic Con October 2022
There were two hundred tables at Artists Alley on the opening Friday of MCM London Comic Con from Reed POP Expo, held at the London ExCel Centre And unlike the pre-pandemic times, everyone got a booth to themselves, recycled from when they turned it into a hospital with large aisles, it gave a real sense[...]
MCM London Comic Con Shots Of Cosplay
Normally my cosplay galleries from MCM London Comic Con are a little bigger than this, but I had some conflicting events this weekend Still, I managed to get a hefty selection, of solo or team photos taken with permission though wider shots of the crowd were just taken candidly. MCM London Comic Con, run nd[...]
A Close-Up Look At The Fourteenth Doctor Who Costume At MCM London
From the BBC booth at MCM London Comic Con, we gave a full in-detail look at the Fourteenth Doctor outfit, as worn by David Tennant in the final moments of Doctor Who: The Power Of The Doctor. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode()[...]
A Close-Up Look At The Fourteenth Doctor Who Costume At MCM London
Tom Sturridge and Mason Alexander Park appeared on stage together today at MCM London Comic Con, talking about their lives and roles as Dream and Desire in the recent TV adaptation of the Sandman comic book Both fans of the comic, Mason talked about how they collected comic books with their father, which is where[...]
his dark materials
It was announced today at a cast-struck panel at MCM London Comic Con that Andrew Scott, best known for playing Moriarty in Sherlock and the Hot Priest in Fleabag, will be returning as the character Jopari to the third season of the BBC's His Dark Materials Presumably, that will also include his Fleabag co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge,[...]
MCM Loncon Comic Con
We made it! The Elizabeth Line was swift and has definitely transformed the MCM London Comic Con experience forever, as folk can journey to London's West End in less than twenty minutes, which is often longer than it takes to stand in a line at the Fox pub or the Novotel. Photo by me And the cosplayers[...]
Rachael Smith Announces Glass Half Empty, at MCM London Comic Con
Rachael Smith is at MCM London Comic Con today, and the next two days, selling the first two volumes of her autobiographical comic books, but just announced a third one. Posting on Twitter, she said "New book announcement! I've been working on this book for a long time and it's so nice to be able to[...]
Wild River Launches Immortal London Universe For MCM London Comic Con
Wild River Comics is a comic studio based in Shoreditch, London. Immortal London is a new storytelling universe in comics being launched by Wild River Comics on Kickstarter today, and shown off at MCM London Comic Con starting tomorrow. Immortal London will include the publisher's series Daughters of Albion, Lurker and more to come[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics - October 2022
In her new comic, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Lucie accounts her time living in London in pursuit of a career in drawing, depicting an outsider's struggles and delights in experiencing a city she falls in love with. Friday, 28th of October October Half Term Comic Club Age 7-13, 9-3pm, Fortismere School, £85 MCM London ComicCon, ExCel Centre, Docklands MCM[...]
Cosplay Photos MCM Day Three
That was MCM London Comic Con Spring 2022 edition I took photos of some of the cosplay on display at the show, but it can only be but a small fraction There are over 200 photos below from all three days, but of the 50-100,000 of people who attended, an easy third must have been[...]
Star Wars Celebration 2023 to Return to London, at the ExCel Exhibition Centre
However, for attendees, vendors and guests, next year's show will be very different because of major changes to that location. The London ExCel Exhibition Centre has been home to the UK's largest comic convention, MCM Comic Con, for over twenty years, with two shows every year The MCM Comic Con franchise was bought out by Star[...]
Cosplay Photos MCM Day Three
That was MCM London Comic Con Day Three – with lots of cosplay below.  You can also catch up with Friday's MCM London Comic Con Day One cosplay post which was rather popular followed by the even bigger post Saturday's MCM London Comic Con Day Two cosplay post The Elizabeth line was closed on[...]
Cosplay MCM London Comic Con Day Two
Today I'm heading to Gosh Comics for the estate sale of the late Garry Leach, before returning to the last day of MCM London Comic Con It may be a comic book wake for his fans and friends Let's see The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool,[...]
Cosplay MCM London Comic Con Day Two
That was MCM London Comic Con Day Two – with lots of cosplay below I may only make a nodding visit on Day Three as I may be at the late Gary Leach's estate sale at Gosh Comics tomorrow, but you can catch up with yesterday's MCM London Comic Con Day One cosplay post which[...]
young justice
Heading out for MCM Day Two, but you can see everything that went down yesterday right here.. Welcome to the Daily LITG The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more The Daily Lying In[...]
MCM London Comic con 2022
Today saw the launch of the MCM London Comic Con Spring 2022 event at the ExCel Centre, now attached to the rest of the city via the Elizabeth Line, which has made the show far more accessible than ever before And the proof of that is in the pudding, the show had a full sell[...]
The Artist Alley Booths Of MCM London Comic Con Spring 2022
There were teo hundred tsbles at Artists Alley on the oening Friday of MCM London Comic Con And unlike other years, everyone got  abooth to tghemselkves, with plenty of space behinf and in front, combined with large aisles, oit gave a real sense of luxury compared to the rabbit warrens of other shows And here[...]