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MCM London Comic con 2022
That was the first day of MCM London Comic Con and the sun was out for cosplay There was so much more than I was able to capture but here, at least, are seventy shots of the many, many displays of cosplay at the show on Day One There were dozens of Lokis, Spider-Men, Poison[...]
From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con Spring 2022 To The Other
We made it! The Elizabeth Line was swift and may have transformed the MCM London Comic Con experience forever, as folk can journey to London's West End in less than twenty minutes, which is often longer than it takes to stand in a line at the Fox pub And we got in with the rest[...]
Daughters Of Albion Debuts At MCM London Comic Con
But it had the Daughters of Albion look to America, as a place that one day would end all forms of discrimination because America has freed itself from British rule, even though ut continued to practice slavery. Daughters Of Albion Debuts At MCM London Comic Con This weekend sees the debut of the first comic from new[...]
The Elizabeth Line Will Transform This Week's MCM London Comic Con
There have been many articles written about how it will affect one area of the country or another, but nothing yet on how it will affect MCM London Comic-Con Bought by ReedPOP, it takes place twice a year at the London ExCel Centre, stuck out in the Docklands far from civilisation, which is why everyone[...]
MCM, LFCC, Bristol, The Lakes & Thought Bubble Comic Cons In 2022
And it seems that Sean Phillips is doing the official artwork for most of them. London Comic Con Spring, Olympia, from Showmasters, 26th to the 27th of February, with comic creator guests; Jessica Martin, Tim Pilcher, Gary Erskine, Barry Kitson, Rian Hughes, David Leach, Markosia, Martin Stiff, Rachael Smith, Andrew Sawyers, Roger Langridge, Lee Townsend, Ian[...]
Original Founder Of MCM Launches Rival UK Comic Con Called Megacon
The London Movies, Comics, and Media Expo, later known as MCM Comic Con, was founded in early 2001 by well-known convention organisers Paul Miley or ScifiShows and Bryan Cooney of Wolf Events Hosting events in the UK and around the world, including London, Birmingham, the Midlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Manchester, Scotland, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen,[...]
MCM London Comic Con Coaplay
I ran a bunch of cosplay shots on Saturday that were heavy on the Gotham batpeople and rogues gallery, well the Sunday of MCM London Comic Con seemed to bring out the Marvel cosplayers more – though there was a distinct lack of X-Men on display – and tonnes of Loki Indeed, you may have[...]
Cosplay Gallery At MCM London Comic Con 2021
MCM London Comic Con may have felt a little smaller this year But the cosplay felt bigger than ever Loki was out in force in all their variants, as were Gotham's rogue galleries, and the new MCU and DCU were prominently represented There was even the return of a little Homestuck for nostalgia's sake Favourites[...]
Cosplay Gallery At MCM London Comic Con 2021
It's Saturday, the 23rd of October at the London ExCel Centre, half-way through MCM London Comic Con Yesterday was a little quiet on the footfall for Bleeding cool's Friday report, but because it's a Saturday the world and their Poison Ivy came out to play Now, facts upfront, there is less "stuff" to do this[...]
From One Side Of MCM London Comic Con To The Other (2021) Video
It's MCM London Comic Con time! I haven't done one of these for two years Not since Thought Bubble in 2019 The jittery, juddery, blurred take on a Comic-Con, travelling at speed around the show floor nooks and crannies, pausing for waves, for cosplay and sticker shock Welcome to another long-awaited From One Side Of[...]
Heading To MCM London Comic Con in The Daily LITG, 22nd October 2021
And today it is the return of Britain's biggest comic book convention, MCM London Comic Con, as run by ReedPOP and Reed Expo Will I see you there? There will be photos… maybe I can jump on Tom Hiddlestone again. LITG Screencap: MCM London Comic Con guests LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday Full Marvel Comics January 2022[...]
Things To Do In London If You Like Comics in October 2021
And eyes are on New York the week, London is ramping up for the end of the month with MCM London Comic Con. Exhibitions Things To Do In London If You Like Comics in October 2021 BLACK is a special exhibition to celebrate Black History Month, exploring the story and world of the graphic novel of the same[...]
MCM London Replaces Comic Village With A Curated Artists Alley
MCM Comic Con has told Bleeding Cool about their coronavirus guidelines for their London and Birmingham comic conventions They state that they will be following the latest government guidelines around vaccinations and social distancing, as well as individual venue rules for ExCeL London and the NEC Birmingham events, adding "the health and safety of everyone[...]
MCM London Replaces Comic Village With A Curated Artists Alley
It's MCM time Or it will be soon Mike Negin, owner of Aw Yeah Comics in New York, is also the Global Comic Talent Manager for ReedPop And he has just announced a rather big change to the comic book side of the MCM London show returning from the 22nd of October and the MCM[...]
New York Comic Con 2020 Cancelled - I Know You Thought It Already Was
There is also digital content being made available, and it also covers shows such as C2E2, ECCC, and MCM Comic Con, but the headline is all about paying to get early ticket access to NYCC It is Reed's most oversubscribed show – especially in a time of returning comic cons after 18 months without and[...]
MCM London Comic Con October 2020 Cancelled
The Reed POP-owned British comic book convention chain MCM cancelled most of its shows last year – and this But today has announced the return of its two biggest shows, MCM London and MCM Birmingham Here's the letter they sent to vendors; We are excited to announce that MCM Comic Con is back in 2021! As we[...]
Robert Kirkman Announces New Foil Fever For Skybound Hallowe'en
Robert Kirkman and Shawn Kirkham have been talking about The Walking Dead at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse Skybound panel, talking about the end of the Walking Dead series, but also about how Fear The Walking Dead, The World Beyond, a Carol and Daryl show but also that there are unannounced Walking Dead projects to accompany these and[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
James Tynion IV has been talking to Scott Snyder and Marie Javins about the upcoming plans for Batman at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse event Javins asked them to be careful about spoilers, clearly inspired by Scott Snyder's blabbermouth, he decided to throw a few in there And some seem to tie right in with what Bleeding Cool has[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
Scott Snyder has been talking to James Tynion IV and Marie Javins about Death Metal at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse event Javins asked him to be careful about spoilers, but half way through his monologue he decided to throw that the wind and talk about what Death Metal is, how it is going to conclude – and[...]
Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman to Follow King In Black With Venom #200
Donny Cates has been talking about the effects that The King In Black will have on Eddie Brock and the Marvel Universe as a whole, at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse panel Including leading up to Venom #200 and the big changes this will all be enacting And he's really honest about that. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman to[...]
COVID Compliance Officer On Ash Atalla New Show Just Tested Positive
And as a result, the cast and crew got a NYCC/MCM Metaverse panel to an audience who mostly haven't actually heard of them That's okay, it can be fixed. The British cast started their panel in a very different fashion to most American panels, by saying how awful they were all feeling at the moment and[...]
X-Men Hugely Impacted By X Of Swords – Bigger Than House Of X?
Time for the X-Men panel at NYCC/MCM/Metaverse Jordan D White (who I first met at a Karaoke bar at a New York Comic Con over a  decade ago) has been talking about the X=Men crossover event X Of Swords at the NYCC/MCM Metaverse panel along with a bunch of creators, Tini Howard, Gerry Duggan, Benjamin[...]
Secrets From The Women At Marvel Panel At NYCC/MCM/Metaverse
Karla Pacheco, Leah Williams, Sarah Brunstad, Ellie Pyle and Lauren Bisom took to a NYCC/MCM Metaverse panel, the traditional Women Of Marvel panel along with host Angelique Roche. Video cap from The Women At Marvel Panel At NYCC/MCM/Metaverse Ellie Pyle on more audio dramas "If anyone liked the Ms Marvel story that we did the audio[...]
Endless Winter Features Justice League Viking and The Viking Prince
Andy Lanning and Ron Marz have been talking with their editor Alex Carr in the NYCC/MCM Metaverse panel about their upcoming Endless Winter crossover event for December And they talked about how it all came together as JLV – Justice League Viking With Ron Marz describing it as "Essentially what the Justice League looked like[...]
MCM London Comic Con October 2020 Cancelled
It's better known to Bleeding Cool readers as the home of the MCM London Comic Con, run by ReedPOP And as may be expected right now, they have cancelled their October show, just as they had their spring-delayed-to-summer show In an announcement sent to Bleeding Cool, ReedPOP states; Today, ReedPOP has an important announcement to make[...]
Reed Cancels MCM Comic Cons, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow
Today, ReedPOP has announced the cancellation of four MCM Comic Con shows in the UK, a number of which had already been postponed to a new date They state "despite all efforts to bring fans the most epic pop culture events in the UK, 4 MCM events scheduled to take place in 2020 have been[...]
Army Corps of Engineers was constructing another facility to add a further 1,000 beds. While in London, the Excel Centre, home to the MCM London Expo also owned by Reed POP, will become an emergency hospital treating coronavirus patients with 500 beds made available at what will be the first of several crisis facilities dotted around[...]
Auto Draft
At the MCM London Comic Con Retailer Presentation yesterday, the Reed POP organisers of the show had some statistics to share In fancy infographic form, for their London show back in May. 75,000 fans in cosplayers, fans and families, 165 coverage pieces – probably a good third of them from Bleeding Cool – and 247 creators[...]