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Valiant Goes All In On NFT And Metaverse Web 3.0 - Maybe Comics Too?
Fans will unite as they play, collect and earn together in an all-new platform accompanied by an official dedicated Discord channel to help players enter the Valiant Universe. To launch their debut into the metaverse, Valiant will be unveiling a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token granting access to the first season of character NFT drops [with[...]
Pokémon GO Joins The "Metaverse" With Powered-Up PokéStops
Let's get into the details. A Pokémon GO PokéStop and a guy who intensely believes in the Metaverse Credit: Niantic, Meta Is that guy involved? No Not unless he's already controlling the minds of us all, which… you never know. Niantic announced their arrival in the "Metaverse" with this new feature over at the official Pokémon GO blog[...]
Yen Press Announces 11 New Titles at NYCC Metaverse
Yen Press LLC announced a new slate of upcoming titles at a virtual panel, "The Yen Press Manga and Light Novel Party" during New York Comic Con Metaverse These acquisitions included manga (Hana-chan and the Shape of the World, Please Put Them On, Takamine-san!!, In Another World With My Smartphone, Can't Stop Cursing You, Sex[...]
What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 Episode 6, courtesy FX Networks.
For New York Comic Con-Metaverse, the cast and showrunners for FX/Fx on Hulu's What We Do in the Shadows discussed the second season while offering additional clues as to what's still to come Kathryn VanArendonk (Vulture) was joined for the virtual panel by executive producers and show-runners Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson, as well as[...]
Robert Kirkman Announces New Foil Fever For Skybound Hallowe'en
Robert Kirkman and Shawn Kirkham have been talking about The Walking Dead at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse Skybound panel, talking about the end of the Walking Dead series, but also about how Fear The Walking Dead, The World Beyond, a Carol and Daryl show but also that there are unannounced Walking Dead projects to accompany these and[...]
Helstrom previewed the first ten minutes at NYCCxMetaverse (Image" Hulu)
Something the siblings do have in common with the rest of us? Their family has its own "demons," too- but when this family decides to have a little "family reunion"? Heaven help us all… A look at Hulu's Helstrom (Image: IGN/Hulu) Series showrunner Paul Zbyszewski and cast members Austen, Lemmon, Elizabeth Marvel, Ariana Guerra, June Carryl, and[...]
Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. (Image: Hulu)
made its way to its virtual panel session at this week's New York Comic Con x Metaverse with a ton of promises, expectations, and voice castmates Aimee Garcia, Ben Schwartz, and Melissa Fumero By the time their evening was getting ready to wrap up, viewers' patience was paid off with a fresh look at the adult[...]
Resident Alien | Exclusive Sneak Peek | Episode 1 First 7 Minutes | Premieres January 2021 on SYFY
When series star Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Rogue One), writer/executive producer Chris Sheridan (Family Guy), and cast members Sara Tomko (Once Upon A Time), Corey Reynolds (The Closer), Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley), and Levi Fiehler (Mars) wrapped up their virtual panel run during Friday's edition of New York Comic Con-Metaverse, we had a feeling we might getting[...]
American Gods
Though it wasn't like the New Gods didn't try to stop it, but STARZ was able to battle through its New York Comic Con-Metaverse virtual panel and present the show's faithful with one of the things they've been waiting for: the first teaser trailer for the third-season return of American Gods, along with two new[...]
Viz Media
Viz Media's Urian Brown (Marketing) and Karla Clark (Manga Editor) discuss anime and manga for NYCC x MCM Metaverse The panel started up with a message to the viewers from none other than the creator of Beastars, Paru Itagaki Brown and Clark then proceeded to discuss recently premiered as well as upcoming manga and anime[...]
resident alien
The cast and creative team behind SYFY's comedy-drama adaptation of Dark Horse Comics series Resident Alien made their way to New York Comic Con-Metaverse on Friday, and they brought some fresh looks at the eagerly-anticipated series Series star Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Rogue One), writer/executive producer Chris Sheridan (Family Guy), and cast members Sara Tomko (Once Upon A[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
James Tynion IV has been talking to Scott Snyder and Marie Javins about the upcoming plans for Batman at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse event Javins asked them to be careful about spoilers, clearly inspired by Scott Snyder's blabbermouth, he decided to throw a few in there And some seem to tie right in with what Bleeding Cool has[...]
Scott Snyder Says Death Metal Is About Not BEing Allowed To Erase Your Mistakes
Scott Snyder has been talking to James Tynion IV and Marie Javins about Death Metal at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse event Javins asked him to be careful about spoilers, but half way through his monologue he decided to throw that the wind and talk about what Death Metal is, how it is going to conclude – and[...]
Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman to Follow King In Black With Venom #200
Donny Cates has been talking about the effects that The King In Black will have on Eddie Brock and the Marvel Universe as a whole, at the NYCC/MCM/Metaverse panel Including leading up to Venom #200 and the big changes this will all be enacting And he's really honest about that. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman to[...]
COVID Compliance Officer On Ash Atalla New Show Just Tested Positive
And as a result, the cast and crew got a NYCC/MCM Metaverse panel to an audience who mostly haven't actually heard of them That's okay, it can be fixed. The British cast started their panel in a very different fashion to most American panels, by saying how awful they were all feeling at the moment and[...]