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Finally, A Solution To Power Girl's Costume?

Power Girl has had a problem. Cory Walker pointed out the problem, if applied to a 'Power Man'.Writers have had her make an excuse or give a reason for the costume choice over the years. "shows what I am: female, healthy If men want to degrade themselves by staring, that’s their problem, I’m not going to apologize[...]

The New Power Girl Is… Aging Backwards?

Tanya Spears' first appearance in Worlds Finest #23 and her first acknowledgment of the Power Girl identity in #26 She is described as one of the "most intelligent 17-year-olds on the planet" by co-creator Paul Levitz.But in a big splash appearing in today's DC Comics, to announce her joining the Teen Titans in issue 5, she's been de-aged[...]

New Premium Format Figure Of Power Girl From Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has a new Premium Format Figure of DC Comics' popular character Power Girl The sculpt is based on the artwork of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau and stands 21" tall The piece retails for $399.99 and is expected to ship in October of 2015.You can pre-order the figure here.Sideshow Collectibles[...]

The Future Of Power Girl's Boob Window

From World's Finest: Futures End #1, even when Power Girl makes an effort to cover up...She just can't catch a break.She is, however, still able to inspire boob windows in others.But is this fair? Is this all she is? Are we just exacerbating the problem by constantly going on about it? Are we reducing a[...]

Late Night Art – George Perez Shares Sketches

As was shared last week, George Perez is dealing with a vision problem stemming from diabetes and has to wear an eye patch to see. He attended the Project Comic Con where he did sketches for fans and shared a few of them on his facebook page. He said he's still getting used to drawing with one […]

Palmiotti And Conner Latest Project: Marriage

He currently co-writes with Justin Gray on All-Star Western, Bat-Wing and What If? AvX.Amanda Conner has been working in comics for over twenty years having grown to popularity on such titles as Vampirella and Power Girl She recently wrapped up a run on Ame-Comi Girls with her new husband and has been providing variant covers[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 27th May 2013 – And I'm Coming Home

Another spectacular photobomb there from John Layman, on the adult film actress Siri, who cosplayed as Power Girl at Phoenix Comic Con.As this goes live, I'm in the air Or being detained by security Not sure I land in the UK on Tuesday morning Apologies for the reduction in service today.. every.hing you read from[...]

When John Layman Photobombed Power Girl At Phoenix Comicon

Adult actress Siri (above) appeared at Phoenix Comicon yesterday in full Power Girl get up She posed all around the show, for many people Including, for some time, at Jonathan Glapion's booth.Which was, handily, next to Chew writer John Layman's booth Giving him the opportunity to.. photo bomb. Layman told me that not only did he[...]

Power Girl's Boob Window Is Back

But in today's issue of World's Finest, Power Girl gives us a flashback to an earlier iteration of her costume, and one that made her rather famous, if only in cosplay circles The "boob window".Ah, how we have missed thee...Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London About to host an Ian Churchill career retrospective of original art[...]

Amanda Conner On Power Girl, Wonder Woman,Silk Spectre And Boobs

Check out Anna's other work tackling tech tweets, and the site's look at comic book heels and tween girl gaming.Amanda Conner has drawn for such series as Power Girl, Painkiller Jane, Wonder Woman, and Vampirella Now she's at work on an anime-inflected digital series called Ame-Comi Girls, and on a prequel to Watchmen about the[...]

One Last Boob Window For Power Girl

A boob French window that is, left wide open.In the new World's Finest comic, out today, Huntress and Power Girl adopt their new identities in the world of the New 52, as Power Girl gets her new costume And it's a choice that's made out of necessity it seems, given the state of Karen's state[...]

Power Girl Gets A More Rounded P

Little Bleeders have been telling me for a while that the images that we'd seen of Power Girl and Huntress for World's Finest, may not be the final versions and the designs were still being tweaked.Well, the latest image of Power Girl and The Huntress comes from George Perez, who has just finished this piece[...]

Power Girl Invades Attack of The Show's Bustice!

And the other is Attack of The Show's Bustice.Now starring Power Girl.Warners? It's a parody Honest.One is a clear parody of the sexualisation of superheroines that repeatedly crosses the line in becoming that which it parodies And the other is Attack of The Show's Bustice.Now starring Power Girl.Warners? It's a parody[...]