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Drag Race Season 13, Episode 2 Review: Con-Drag-Ulations, Queens! (Image: VH1)
Now, we know nobody went home last week, and it looks like this week is another non-elimination episode (even if the queens don't know that at the moment) Instead, it's very Drag Race All Stars, with the top two of the winning group lip-syncing for a cash tip and the week's win Will every episode[...]
Trixie and Katya Live for Cobra Kai in Netflix' I Like to Watch
More specifically, Trixie Mattel and Katya's thoughts on the "Karate Kid" sequel series' fight scenes. One of these queens knows Karate, and the other is Trixie Mattel (Image: screencap) Now, this video definitely requires the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign lit for all of the seasons (including the just dropped season 3), but you're good to keep reading[...]
RuPaul's Drag Race s13e1 The Pork Chop Review (Image: ViacomCBS)
For example, the queens aren't all in the werkroom at the same time for their entrances; they enter two by two with each pair being called to the main stage to lip-sync battle against each other. Now, first things first, let's talk first impressions Denali is a professional ice skater, and she turned up in a[...]
RuPaul Brings Back The Pork Chop in Drag Race S13e1 First Look
However, if you can't wait anymore and need a taste of these amazing drag queens, you're in luck, honey Keep reading on and absolutely check out the video below! Image: ViacomCBS First into the Drag Race "werkroom," we have Kandy Muse – the Dominican darling from New York City; followed by Phoenix's own Joey Jay, a self-proclaimed[...]
RuPaul's Drag Race Casts First Ever Transman Drag Queen GottMik (Image: VH1)
As far as trans queens competing goes, Drag Race (and their international versions) has had many transwomen competitors over the years, with Peppermint most notably being very out and open with her transition during her season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, ahead of Drag Race's 13th season debut on VH1 (and other ViacomCBS networks) on[...]
Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular Holiday Special RuWatch (Image: VH1)
Despite it being less of a competition and more of a promotion for RuPaul's album Christmas Party, it's still good to see some stellar queens back in the werk room and stomping down that runway serving looks for days – 12 days of Christmas, that is. Let's talk looks: the category is non-denominational Christmas realness and[...]
Drag Race Season 13 Cast Ru-Vealed and These Sisters are Ready
However, now that the official announcement is here, let's get into it. Image: ViacomCBS We have Chicago queens Denali Foxx and Kahmora Hall; Los Angeles queens Gottmik and Symone; and from Atlanta, for the first time on Drag Race, we have drag mother and daughter, Tamisha Iman and LaLa Ri Repping Las Vegas is Elliott with 2[...]
Drag Race Spain Says Hola as Sixth International Spin-Off (Image: WOW Presents)
Get ready for all the drag, drama, and delicious tea, because RuPaul's Drag Race is coming to Spain! That's right – in the sixth international spin-off, Drag Race Spain will introduce the world to Spanish queens and their unique drag culture After the success of Drag Race Holland on World of Wonder's streaming site, WOW[...]
Drag Race Holland Episode Review s1e3 (Image: WOWPresents)
We've finally made it to the final four queens in this week's Drag Race Holland finale! Ma'Ma Queen, Miss Abby OMG, Envy Peru, and Janey Jacke are all hoping to walk away with the crown and title, but only one will (we hope) Last week's double save was enough doubles for the season – it's[...]
Drag Race Holland Episode Review s1e3 (Image: WOWPresents)
Then again, since there's only four queens left and the finale next week, I guess it's a top three? The mini-challenge saw the queens having a little fun with puppets, which Envy Peru won for her pretty spot-on Ma'Ma Queen puppet. This week's maxi challenge had the queens performing in Maxima: the Rusical Now, in case you're[...]
Drag Race Holland S01E06 Review (Image: WOW Presents)
Despite saying "vaarwel" to half the queens in the competition, Drag Race Holland on WOW Presents Plus still has fierce competition for the remaining 5 queens Last week saw Miss Abby OMG in the bottom lip-syncing for her life (for the third week in a row) against Sederginne, and sadly, Sederginne left us But, moving[...]
Drag Race Holland S01E05 Snatch Game A Mixed Bag of Misses: Review (Image: WOW Presents)
Only six queens remain in the Drag Race Holland competition after last week's three-way shake-up, but at least the good madame's parting words were inspiring: "Drag has no gender, no sexuality, and no limits" – agreed, Madame Madness Sorry to see her go, but we've still got more competition to focus on This week, it's[...]
Drag Race Holland S1E4 (Image: WOWPresents)
Welcome back to another week of Drag Race Holland! This week sees the competition really getting spicy and the drama getting ridiculous – I mean what else did you expect, the drag queens to sit around a campfire and hold hands singing songs and braiding each other's hair? This week's runway is "shine bright like[...]
Drag Race
In an epic Drag Race first, we got not only one winner… but two! Yes, both Monet X Change and Trinity "the tuck" Taylor came away with crowns and cash! I could not be more pleased with this development – though it's been around, I didn't remember who won, so I was gagged and gooped all[...]
RuPaul's Drag Race s10: It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Image: VH1)
I missed it when it was on live and haven't been able to find it anywhere streaming since – until now! Watching this season, it has a bunch of queens I know and love already, and this fills in so many blanks between seasons 9 and 11, but also in the inside jokes of the[...]