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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Hits Early Access In Late January
NeocoreGames will finally be bringing their upcoming game King Arthur: Knight's Tale to Steam's Early Access on January 26th The game has been teased for a little bit and the team revealed they're not quite ready for a release of the full game, so they're doing an Early Access version for people to try out[...]
Nominations For The Steam Awards 2020 Are Now Open
Valve Corporation revealed today that they have officially opened up nominations for the 2020 version of The Steam Awards They're back again as you can nominate new games into categories for them to potentially win an award The catch to the system (aside from the requirement of a Steam account) is that you can only[...]
PS5 DualSense Controller
Valve Corporation revealed today that they have thrown in a new update to Steam that will allow you to use a PS5 controller, if you wish Over the past few years, that company has been making it so that if you want to switch from the mouse and keyboard and want to use whatever remove[...]
Steam is Reportedly Introducing New "Remote Play Together" Feature
Valve Corporation revealed a new addition to Steam for game developers as you can bow try out your game with Steam Playtest This system is the company's way of giving you a way to set up your game on their system without making it officially live and testing out everything related to their system Essentially[...]
Auto Draft
SEGA revealed today that as part of their 60th Anniversary, they will holding a special event on Steam with some of their classic titles The week-long 60th Anniversary celebration kicks off today as you can go to their profile page and claim a number of games on discount to add to your library There are[...]
Valve Announces The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest
Valve Corporation revealed a brand new event will be coming to Steam in the month of October with the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest As you might suspect from the name, the event will be covering all things tabletop gaming that takes place in video games The event will run totally online from October 21st-26th, 2020,[...]
RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Are Finally Hitting Steam
The popular MMO RuneScape and Old School RuneScape from Jagex are officially headed to Steam This will be the first time the original RuneScape has appeared on Steam, 20 years after its initial launch in 2001 For the longest time, you were only able to play the game via Jagex's website, but now it'll be[...]
Devolver Digital Releases Ragnorium Into Steam Early Access
Devolver Digital, along with the one-man developer Vitali, released the planetary colonization simulator Ragnoroium into Steam Early Access this week The game looks pretty cool as you will be playing the role of a colony looking for a place to settle down somewhere in the vast reaches of space It will be up to you[...]
Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Making Its Way To Steam
ArenaNet announced today that they are finally bringing their highly successful game Guild Wars 2 over to Steam The game is currently celebrating its eighth anniversary, and to mark the occasion, publisher NCSOFT West finally chatted with Valve and are putting the game on their platform Players won't just be getting the base game, either[...]
Valve Reveals The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition For October
Valve revealed this morning that they will be holding the Autumn Edition of the Steam Game Festival in October this year After the rousing success of the previous festivals and the way they attracted people online, it appears this will now be a continuing tradition The Autumn Edition will run much like the Summer Edition[...]
"Phantasy Star Online 2" Announces Open Beta For March 17th
SEGA revealed today that they will finally be bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to Steam a lot sooner than expected as it will launch August 5th, 2020 What's more, the team announced that they will be picking up right where everyone else is as they will launch the game on Episode 4, which will be[...]
Nacon Teams Up With Richard Garfield On Roguebook Deckbuilder Game
Indie developer Abrakam, alongside publisher NACON, have teamed up with legendary game designer Richard Garfield to bring Roguebook, a roguelike deckbuilder game, to the PC via Steam. Roguebook is set to release some time in May of 2021. A screenshot from the roguelike deckbuilding indie game Roguebook, by Abrakam and Nacon This screenshot depicts an overworld map of[...]
Indie Party Crasher Simulator Game Announced For PC And Switch
Indie game developer and publisher Glob Games Studio have announced their plans to launch their upcoming game, Party Crasher Simulator, on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and, according to their announcement, "most likely, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X[…]". Party Crasher Simulator is slated for a release on July 1st of 2021. Key art for[...]
Rock Game's Indie Cowboy Life Simulator Launches Trailer
This may explain indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway's choice in creating Cowboy Life Simulator, a simulation game set in the Wild West. Cowboy Life Simulator will be released on PC via Steam, with no announced release date as of yet. A screenshot from Cowboy Life Simulator by indie developer Rock Game and publisher Playway[...]
Hunter's Arena Legends Collaborates With 1MILLION On Dance Emotes
Players will first be able to experience these characters' dance moves when the game launches for Steam Early Access on July 15th of this year. The key art for MOBA-RPG hybrid Hunter's Arena Legends, developed and published by Mantisco. 1MILLION Dance Studio is a massively-popular dance label with over 20 million people subscribing to their YouTube channel[...]