Wyra & Taksa Against The Master Of Gravity, On Steam In Q3 Of 2020

Wyra & Taksa Against The Master Of Gravity, On Steam In Q3 Of 2020

Wyra & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity, an indie game developed by 3S Design of Peru, has been announced to be releasing on Steam in the third quarter of this year It is designed as a platform and puzzle game with no jumping mechanism, making it a stand-out design amongst platformers.[caption id="attachment_1215496" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

Cake Bash Demo Now Playable For Steam Summer Game Festival

Cake Bash Demo Will be Playable For Steam Summer Game Festival

Now you can try it out for free as part of the Steam Summer Game Festival, as the developers have made the demo available for you to download starting on June 9th The new demo includes local multiplayer for up to four players and showcases four game modes, which includes two never before seen minigames[...]

Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"

Shadow Arena Is Now Available In Steam Early Access

Pearl Abyss has finally released Shadow Arena, sort of, as the game has now entered the Early Access system on Steam The Black Desert version of a battle royale game has been in beta testing for a while now to work out the kinks, but now we have an official version you can play, albeit[...]

Civilization VI Frontier Pass

Civilization VI Is Free On The Epic Games Store, Crossplay With Steam

This new mode is meant to bridge players between Steam and the Epic Games store So while cross-platform play remains available across Windows, Mac, and Linux -- provided all systems have the same game version and DLC activated -- you still can't play multiplayer Civilization VI between PC and iOS, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch[...]

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam On June 3rd

Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam In A Few Weeks

Microsoft and  Rare announced today that Sea Of Thieves would finally be coming to Steam in just a few weeks The game will officially drop into the store on June 3rd, offering up the massive pirate treasure hunting game for you and your friends to explore By all accounts, the Steam version will have all[...]

Artifact Reboot Art

Valve Will Launch Artifact 2.0 Beta Testing Next Week

For those of you who actually want to play the updated Dota card game Artifact, a beta of version 2.0 is coming from Valve next week. The developers made the announcement earlier today, letting players know that the beta will basically test "boring stuff", and that invites will start trickling out soon. First with original […]

Beyond: Two Souls could be making its way to Steam soon.

Beyond: Two Souls May Be Coming To Steam Soon

It looks like Quantic Dream's emotional Beyond: Two Souls could be coming to Steam This could signal an end to the game's previous Epic Games Store exclusivity period A new listing popped up recently by way of SteamDB, which has fans speculating about the potential change.The SteamDB listing features this particular message: "This app has[...]

Steam Debuts Events Feature with Revamped Landing Page

Looks Like Steam Is Getting A Loyalty Rewards System

If you happen to be a frequent user of Steam, it appears Valve may be making your usage worth it as it appears a new system is coming In what seems like an oddity to add that could possibly be beneficial to some, it looks like Valve will be adding a new user loyalty rewards[...]

Stadia Pro Users To Receive "Rise Of The Tomb Raider" & "Thumper" Free

Square Enix Releases The Eidos Anthology For Stay Home & Play

Square Enix has revealed the next Stay Home & Play game bundle for fans stuck at home during self-quarantine, and it's a doozy! The Square Enix Eidos Anthology is currently up for sale, which includes over 50 games from the studio's entire catalog. Ranging from AAA titles to some hidden gems. Some of the big […]

Moonray Cover Art

Moonray Will Be Headed To Steam's Early Access In July

Moonray, the indie 3D platformer from the oddly named developer Everything is Full of Gods, will be headed to Steam this July The game will be going into Early Access on July 2nd for $10 so players can try the game out, but they won't be getting the full version right away It also sounds[...]

COVID The Outbreak game logo

Jujubee Has Oddly Made A COVID Video Game For Steam

One of the strangest game releases we've seen during the current health crisis is Jujubee has released COVID: The Outbreak. While many of you reading this may not think it to be wise to release a game so closely tied to the COVID-19 epidemic, the company has taken the stance that the game is here […]

Steam Game Festival Summer 2020

Valve Announces The Return Of The Steam Game Festival

Some good news for developers looking to show off their indie games on Steam as the Steam Game Festival will return this June The company announced the event today with the dates of June 9th-14th, as it will be designed to give a spotlight to indie games coming up over the next calendar year[...]

Train Station Renovation Art

"Train Station Renovation" Is Coming To Steam Early Access

For those of you looking for an interesting decorating simulator game, Live Motion Games has one on the way to Steam called Train Station Renovation This game basically puts you in the spot of a small construction company tasked with bringing old train stations back to life Fixing up everything from the station and platform,[...]

Sea Of Thieves Crew Art

"Sea Of Thieves" Will Be Coming To Steam This Year

Microsoft and Rare announced today that they would be bringing their popular pirate game Sea Of Thieves to Steam sometime in 2020 The game has been doing well on Xbox One, especially with all the added content the devs have been adding Now they're looking to bring it to Steam this year, for what is[...]

valve sign

Valve Releases New Info On Steam Bandwidth Optimizations

During the coronavirus outbreak, Valve has obviously seen an uptake in traffic on Steam Which has forced them to manage their bandwidth a bit The company sent out a notice yesterday about some of the changes they were making to their services Chief among them was the fact that they were now going to spread[...]

Endless Legend Logo Art

"Endless Legend" Has Been Made Free Until The End Of March

Amplitude has decided to help those staying at home during the self-quarantine by offering up their game Endless Legend free until the end of March. A number of players reached out to the devs to ask them if they could make their upcoming game Humankind free to play, but it's just not ready. So the […]


Gabe Newell Says Competition Between Online Game Shops Is Awesome

The last thing you'd expect a Valve employee to say is that competition with Steam is great But that's pretty much what Gabe Newell recently said In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Newell basically said competition is a good thing as it "keeps us honest" You can read a couple of snippets of the[...]

"Biped" Will Be Releases On Steam & GOG On March 27th

Tencent NExT Studios and META Publishing revealed this week their upcoming puzzler Biped will be released on Steam and GOG on March 27th The game will also be getting a release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year, but the devs declined to include a release window of when that might happen Check out[...]

"Disco Elysium" Players Are Still Trying to Nab One Final Achievement

"Disco Elysium" Players Are Still Trying to Nab One Final Achievement

Disco Elysium is, by far, one of the best RPG experiences you can currently have on PC. And even though it released all the way back during the last half of 2019, people are still finding exciting developments within. One of those happens to be the achievement "Palerunner," which players are still doggedly trying to […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

Bethesda Confirms PC Requirements On Steam For "DOOM Eternal"

Before you decide to purchase DOOM Eternal on PC, Bethesda Softworks has finally posted the specs required to run the game on its Steam page The upside is that if you have a relatively new PC made within the past five years, or at least a couple of parts in it that are, you'll be[...]