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Netflix Trailer Looks Inside The Cecil Hotel In A Shocking New Series
The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, has been the subject of many mysteries as it stands tall in the city of angels, but there's a recent case that still baffles those intrigued by true crime Once it was announced that Netflix would be taking on this case, that of the vanishing of Elisa Lam, many[...]
'In With The Devil' Gets An Apple TV+ Adaptation With Taron Edgerton
The biographical true crime novel, In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption by Hillel Levin and James Keene, is headed to television thanks to Apple TV+ The adaptation of this book will include a favorite name in the film, Taron Edgerton, who received recent critical praise for lead acting[...]
'Night Stalker' Netflix Series Gave Audiences Glimpse At Evil: Review
True crime-related podcasts, films, and more aren't meant for everyone- and that's a good thing. Cover image for Night Stalker docuseries Source: Netflix Personally, I look for and am interested in the psychological and justice-seeking portions of these stories Interviewing such individuals that experienced the terror brought on by the killings, sexual assaults, and more are vital[...]
The Crimes Of The 'Night Stalker' Are Retold In A New Netflix Trailer
Source: Netflix The story isn't as straightforward as most true crime documentaries that find a theme or motive in killings The brutal acts of the Night Stalker appeared random, killing anyone no matter the age or gender, baffling law enforcement and the community of Los Angeles The mix of criminal activity left behind from Ramirez included[...]
Our Fav 5 Bailey Sarian 'Murder, Mystery, & Makeup' YouTube Vids
As someone who often needs visuals with their true crime documentaries, it can be difficult to pay attention otherwise Somehow, the weekly video series by YouTuber Bailey Sarian that includes her discussing the details of mysterious and deadly cases are the ones I pay the most attention to in the true crime world[...]
Five True Crime Podcasts To Creep You And Lure You (Images: screencaps)
I can't get enough of them lately, but especially those centered around the spooky and true crime of the world As a bisexual genderqueer individual, listening to true crime podcasts seems not too dissimilar from a snail listening to a podcast on the horrors and real-life encounters of salt Yet still, I listen with an[...]
A Chilling Teaser Arrives For Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2
The teaser for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 sets up a true crime ride full of tension, intrigue, and the drive to put the clues together.  Flashes of imagery, those recreating moments in specific cases, are what bring us in and leave us wanting more Netflix has dropped this teaser less than two weeks away from[...]
Title screen from a podcast on the true crime story. Source: Wonderyd Series Dr. Death
The case that made headlines in true crime news of a former doctor, Dr Christopher Duntsch, maiming or directly killing his patients during their spinal surgeries, is now headed to Peacock as a limited series, Dr Death What makes this true-crime series special isn't the story alone but who is set to direct it[...]
50 states of fear
I've been notoriously obsessed with 2 things: True Crime and DIY, though I never actually thought the combo would be uttered in the same sentence together (other than on a Home Depot run to purchase supplies needed to clean up a crime scene) I've binged watched everything from Flip or Flop and Love it or[...]