'American Gods': Soundtrack Track List Offers Tantalizing Season 2 Clues

World (3:08)2 House on the Rock (1:27)3 Bilquis (1:18)4 Breaking In (1:39)5 Places of Power (4:28)6 Shoot Out (4:30)7 Much to Be Done (2:02)8 Looking for Media (1:52)9 American Dream (1:40)10 Hangman (3:13)11 Wednesday & Betty (1:30)[caption id="attachment_998106" align="alignnone" width="2000"] LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 05: American Gods Season Two Red Carpet Premiere Event on[...]

John Macaluso Named Wizard World CEO

Appointed to the board of directors of Wizard World in May last year, John Macaluso was yesterday made CEO of Wizard World, the company that runs conventions across North America, maintains a pop culture website and, most famously, used to publish a monthly comics-based magazine.No, not the drummer.Macaluso used to own California Concepts, a clothes[...]

Gareb Shamus Resigns As Wizard World President, CEO And Director

Did you wonder why Gareb Shamus' Wizard World blog, set up ostensibly to replace the Wizard World digital magazine, recently disappeared?This might be a reason. Pursuant to a letter of resignation dated December 1, 2011 (the “Resignation Letter”), Mr Gareb Shamus resigned his positions as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company Mr[...]

Yes, It's Official, Wizard World IS Buying Mid Ohio Con

It's hardly a secret now.But later today Wizard World will confirm that, yes, as of next year Mid Ohio Con will join the Wizard World Comic Con lineup, making a total of 16 comic conventions (17 if you count two Big Apples a year) across the US and Canada.Next year's Wizard World Mid Ohio Comic[...]